27-year-old Singapore designer, Bessie Ye

#1: It’s your new uniform go-to

“I tell myself all the time that it’s okay to be ‘boring’ because it’s important to know when not to over-design. I think modern women want to feel sophisticated and look cool without trying too hard, and my pieces ($39-$189) are meant to put an end to the search for the perfect white shirt and other everyday basics.

#2: It aces form-meets-function

“I use mid-weight cotton poplin for shirts and shirt dresses to create their masculine-influenced structure, and micro modal on tees for its ultra soft texture. Cupro and Tencel rayon, meanwhile, work well with my streamlined silhouettes. I always try to use materials that are fuss-free, light, and friendly to Singapore’s humid weather, while making sure they make sense for the design.”


#3: It’ll make every customer feel special

“Inventory is limited to 20 pieces per item across three sizes. For example, there are only eight pieces of a shirt in S, eight in M and four in L. Our website also makes shopping easy: Navigation is seamless, local shipping is free and arrives the next working day, and every package comes with our Rye Mist fabric freshener that can be spritzed on to clothes in between washes for a clean scent.”

Rye’s simple staples based on geometric patterns will appeal to the intellectual set.

An adapted version first appeared in Female’s August 2016 issue.  

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