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Why Not?: A New Collective Aiming To Disrupt Singapore's Fashion Ecosystem

Walk us through the event, what went down?

Manfred Lu: The show was held on June 8 at both The Substation Theatre and The Substation Gallery. We used the gallery, which was at the entrance of The Substation as the ‘backstage’. The irony was that you witnessed the team getting ready first before entering the show. We wanted it to be open, as if you’re witnessing it from a television. We wanted people to observe what goes into a fashion show.

Here, a visual compendium of the show:

The show itself had six different segments, each a showcase self-directed by the designers themselves. The segments were distinct from one another. I’d say it’s like attending a music festival. Different bands of different genres playing on the same stage. The show had an intentional campy start, then you’re brought over to a heavy rock emotional spin before getting transported into an adrenaline rush. Then everything slowed down with topics surrounding sensuality before it ended with an abstract visual performance piece.

Izwan Abdullah: Adding on to whatever Manfred said, we streamed the show live and that played a huge part in the show’s aesthetic and concept. It was supposed to symbolise the kind of “surveillance” culture we experienced in school with our lecturers – and to make the show as accessible as possible due to space constraints. We’re really happy to say that we’ve reached the maximum capacity of 250 in the theatre and we really wanted to reach out to more people. 

Below, snapshots of the attendees:

The open backstage concept was very inspired by Din Tai Fung’s open kitchen concept (not kidding!) where we saw a fascination in the process making. It worked for our show — people were crowding around the windows to see the models getting ready and made up and for most of us, it was a bizarrely new experience.

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