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And if you’re still unaware of how cool it is, Singapore it girl Mae Tan (she has amassed a staggering number of followers on Instagram, is a fashion scion of multi-brand boutique, Surrender and is known for her sartorial edge and cool girl vibes) will tell you why. Here, we chatted with her about why Christian Dada is the brand to be seen in now.

Tell us more about how you found out about Christian Dada and why you feel there should be a store in Singapore.

Mae Tan (MT): “Christian Dada was always on our radar ever since we discovered it and we had carried the brand for six seasons in our multi-label store, Surrender. We jumped at the chance to help grow the brand when the opportunity arose and everything else fell into place naturally after. As there was only one flagship in Tokyo, we knew the next step was to expand it overseas and Singapore was the best option.”

mae tan
Founder of Christian Dada, Masanori Morikawa

How does Christian Dada set itself apart from other similar brands?

MT: “Christian Dada is always very vocal with its message and intention for each collection every season. Masanori, the designer, never shies away from artistic expression and bringing across his vision. Drawing inspiration from both classic Eastern and Western design influences, the designs are well executed without being cliche. Throughout the collections, you see the use of traditional Japanese fabrics, techniques, and patterns such as Nishijin (weaving of textiles together) and hand embroidery on modern silhouettes.

mae tan
Christian Dada Fall Winter 2017

Why do you think Christian Dada is the definition of cool?

MT: “The brand brings forward an unapologetic attitude, which stems from youth culture with the finesse of a luxury label – and that to me makes it way cooler than the average run-of-the-mill brands in the market today.

Tell us more about “Dadaism”.

MT: “Dada was an artistic movement that began in Switzerland, a form of artistic anarchy to ridicule a classist post-war society in the early 20th century. Its purpose is to break social norms and go against the conventional – that is the very core and soul of Christian Dada. Masanori designs with that concept and it comes through distinctively with every collection’s theme, from the in-your-face slogans, right down to the deconstructed details in the seams. ”

mae tan
Christian Dada Spring Summer 2015

What are some of your favourite pieces and why?

MT: “The final outfit from the Christian Dada Spring Summer 2015 runway is definitely a favorite of mine – I wear it all the time! To me, this look (and collection as a whole) is a true representation of the brand’s East meets West direction. The classic Western vest and biker-style pants are reinterpreted with the traditional Japanese Nishijin fabric (same fabric used to make kimonos) and that metallic cherry blossom pattern is to die for.”

What’s in the future for Christian Dada in Singapore?

MT: “Internationally, Christian Dada is definitely on the rise to be the next It Japanese fashion brand. Masanori is an avid fan of art and is consistent when creating his concepts and pieces. So we’re definitely expecting to see more collaborations and unforgettable, one-of-a-kind pieces. Some of the past collaborations include Lady Gaga, KISS, Tokyo Ghoul and Takashi Murakami.”

Main image: @marxmae Instagram

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