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Singapore's National Design Centre Showcases 21 Awesome Barcelona Designers

Andrea Vientec
Established by Central Saint Martins-trained Andrea Vicente four years ago, the brand produces hand-crafted hats and accessories that are sculptural with a Scandinavian influence.   Uniqbrow
These sunnies are made of an extremely flexible plastic hybrid material, which allows it to be stretched without going out of shape. Its purpose, conceived by co-founders and inventors Cristina Brossa and Andrew Swiler in 2013, is simple: To make each pair of sunglasses 100% customisable, as the lens can be popped out and changed by simply bending the frame backwards. The lens can fit any style, from cat-eye glasses to squarish ones.  Krasznai
Founded by Spanish sculptor Roger Krasznai, the brand’s arty take on everyday objects like vases and bowls make great conversation starters. His Arms and Crafts collection (pictured here) was inspired by a discarded doll’s arm that the artist stumbled upon.  Papiroga
The accessories label set up three years ago by a trio of former fashion and marketing professionals who specialise in making handcrafted limited edition necklaces, earrings and scarves in bright, bold colours.