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The 101 On Hemlines: Why It Matters Where They End

Skirts are feminine and versatile, and usually prove as an easy garment to style for most women. But skirt lengths are no trivial matter, and can really give your overall silhouette a leg up when picked out discerningly. Whilst most of us choose skirt lengths based on personal preferences and comfort, other considerations matter too, such as height and the shape of your legs.

We break down the four major hemlines and what you should look out for when picking up a piece. Plus, these tips apply to dresses too.

#1: Mini skirt

As the name suggests, mini skirts are, well, mini. To be more precise, mini skirts end inches above the knee. While mini skirts are great because they show off the most of your toned gams and are the most elongating of all hemlines, they aren’t exactly appropriate for all social occasions, especially when the dress code is formal and the decorum is strict. Minis are especially great for petite women but can be enjoyed by all.

Length to note: Get a mini skirt that doesn’t end at the widest part of your thighs, if you don’t wish to draw the eye to that area.

#2: Knee-length

This silhouette is identifiable by the length of the skirt ending at, slightly above, or slightly below the knee. Knee-length skirts are also family- and boss-friendly, and suit most, if not all, occasions.

Length to get: Knee-length is an easy fail-safe choice because it flatters women of all height. If you’re more petite, you could opt for one that ends above the knee rather than below, for the illusion of height.

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