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6 Reasons Why You Should Own A Slip Dress

#1: It's good for days you want to dress down sheer pieces.
#2: It's a smart way to balance sporty and girly.
#3: It's a fresh way to style the (stuffy) long-sleeved shirt.
#4: Proof that it's a versatile piece - you can make it cold weather-appropiate by pulling it over a turtleneck.
#5: Score extra sartorial points for wearing it under a bulky winter coat.
#6: Do the dress-over-pants thing for a more sophisticated air.
Must have #1: Silk, $3,200, Saint Laurent
Must-have #2: Lace-trimmed silk, US$1,452 (S$1,963), Gucci
Buy it here. Must-have #3: Crepe, US$894 (S$1,208), The Row
Buy it here. Must-have #4: Silk-satin, US$2,399 (S$3,244), Givenchy
Buy it here.     Must have #5: Cotton, $56.90, Topshop
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