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Slip Into Summer Mode With These Stylish Slides

These humble summer slides will take you from sloppy to stylish just in time for summer.

It seems that lately, most shoe styles get the “fashion treatment”, which is to say they’re littered with faux jewels, have four inch platforms added to them, or essentially, just come around in style again.

But oddly enough though, the more excessive-looking the summer slide gets, the more we like them. For anybody that’s still trying to fight the feeling of slipping into a pair of them, we say, click on for 7 different styles and you’re guaranteed to find one that’s sure to tickle your fancy…or feet that is.


Leather slides, US$135 (S$183), Cos
We’re calling this pair from the Swedish label “palate-cleansers” and not just because they’re in a refreshing pistachio shade but because in a world where slides come decked out in logos, jewels or fur, these simple ones are ones you can wear without having them wear you. Rubber slides, US$330 (S$447), Gucci
We’re not saying the brand started the booming popularity of rubber slides but then again, it’s near impossible to spot someone who isn’t wearing a pair of these iconic slides. But this season though, they come in fluorescent colours because you know, who doesn’t want anybody to know that their slides are…Gucci. Braided leather slides, $89.90, Mango
For those who simply just want a simple pair of slides, this braided leather one is a winner – the cheerful shade of orange means you can wear it from Summer into Fall and its refined design means no one is going to bat an eyelid if you wear it to swankier places such as restaurants or bars. Rubber slides, $24.95, H&M
Maybe pool slides aren’t your thing because you can’t shake off their locker-room effect so these pretty slides are a guaranteed pleaser instead. No one is going to frown at the tropical print or the statement-making bow that screams summer vibes, and because they’re slides, they’re also your slip-on-and-immediately-go shoes. Jute slides, $49.90, Stradivarius
We’re not entirely sure you can wear them out because if you’re the kind who does a lot of walking or who doesn’t mind stepping in puddles (why though? Asking for a friend.), these pair of slides might not last beyond their first wear. But consider wearing them at home (or at a home party) instead to lounge back; they look perfect when worn with slip or smock dresses. Vinyl slides, $39.90, Zara
Everything we sort-of hated in the ‘80s are on these slides – the neon blue, fluorescent green and vinyl upper (remember those visors?), but that’s also what we like about these slides. Somehow, they work. It’s that perfect pop of colour if you’re usually averse to colours and once you retire them this summer, you can wear them all day long at the pool. Raffia slides, $49.90, Dorothy Perkins
In the classic shade of black, we can’t imagine where you wouldn’t wear them: Parties, dinners, downstairs to collect your mail or even when you’re seriously putting the casual in casual Fridays. The added bonus? Its refined silhouette that also doesn’t make a rubber sandal’s iconic slapping sound when you walk.