Hit Paige Parker, Celina Lin and Trina Liang-Lin’s social media feeds, and you’ll know when the party season is in high gear. In the past month alone, the trio has graced at least 10 galas, dinners and cocktail events, but their VIP status doesn’t come simply from being permanent fixtures at high-profile dos. What really makes them social superstars: how their shenanigans come with a cause. In particular: championing women’s rights, the arts and education.

Parker is a fairy godmother to local designers, with names like Nicolas Laville Couture and Ong Shunmugam among her go-to labels for occasion wear. And this year’s Singapore Fashion Week happened partly thanks to folks like her who joined its Patrons Programme, which co-funded the five-day extravaganza. Also among her recent “philantro-party” efforts: joining the organising committee of the National Gallery gala, which raised over a million dollars for the museum.

Liang-Lin can vouch for how such social soirees are not just about fun and glamour – she’s the president of the Singapore Committee for UN Women. She says: “Yes, it’s a party, but galas are also the biggest fundraisers. There’s always an emphasis on what cause you’re there for.”

Meanwhile, Lin, a private investor and the firecracker of the group, says in jest that she chips in in other ways: “I’m a supporter of these causes and women like Paige and Trina, and provide the energy to them.”


Hair Annie Tay (hp: 9007-1421)/Gene by Ginrich Makeup Huimin Ng/Paletteinc, using Nars All clothes and accessories, their own

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