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The Fashion Labels To Know If You're Into Korean Fashion

You need to know these labels to up your street cred.

Whenever Fashion Week is mentioned, it seems like all that we ever acknowledge are the Big Fours. But the South Korean capital, Seoul, is aiming to be the fifth Fashion Week destination. The city’s Seoul Fashion Week has been growing for years now, with almost 200 designers bringing their unique and (usually) bright creations to the table.

From the runway designs to the street style action, Hallyu fashion has a reputation of never serving up anything short of loud, fun, and eclectic. So if your impression of Korean fashion only includes Style Nanda, you’ll be in for a little treat.

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This article first appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore.

Wnderkammer offers simple, minimalist styles that are effortless as they are unforgettable. A casual yet charismatic cool permeates designer Hye Young Shin’s pieces which include designs like puff-sleeved dresses with cutouts, easy suits in muted hues, and seemingly basic separates with unexpected details. Tibaeg
Akin to “the way a tea bag infuses its rich flavors into water”, Tibaeg is permeated with bold colours, graphic prints, and delicate details that express “tender emotions” in their collections and spark joy. Lie
Brother-sister duo Chung Chung Lee and Nana Lee – their parents are the founders of renowned Korean fashion house Lie Sangbong – founded Lie in 2011. The brand was born out of a shared vision to create pieces for the modern woman that echo the elegance and sculptural details of their parents’ label at a more accessible price point. Beyond Closet
The concept of Beyond Closet is true to its brand name – to offer a selection of pieces that extends beyond just clothes that hang in the wardrobe. This varsity-inspired label celebrates individuality and style, offering trendy pieces that is a mix of high school preppiness and funky streetwear. From check shirts to graphic knits and sweaters, the brand is all about creating comfortable and easy styling pieces. RocketxLunch
RocketxLunch is the epitome of effortless chic, standing out as one of the brands to not have their logo integrated into the design. The label aims to make its name solely based on its style and is undoubtedly doing a fine job at it. Featuring a wide selection of clothing from layered tees to leather jackets, these products are trendy pieces crafted with a quirky irreverent touch that will stay relevant all year round.