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Here’s How To Rock Oversized Outerwear Like A Bona Fide Fashion Girl

Oversized outerwear might just be one of this season’s hottest (and comfiest) trends, and while they’re typically exaggerated on the runways or red carpets, here’s how fashion girls are showcasing — realistically — who’s large and in charge.

A cuffed sleeve adds a touch of casual cool to your look while neatening up extra fabric.
This half-off look is an effortlessly stylish way of showing off what you’re wearing underneath.
If you’ve got legs for days, flaunt them.
With all that extra space underneath, feel free to go hard on the layering.
This Fall, we’re seeing patent everything, and a jacket like this is just the way to rock the trend with a bang.
This season sees the return of wide-shouldered, broad silhouettes from the ‘80s, but watch the other commuters should you be hopping onto a train or bus in this. Side note: we really want to coin this “womanspreading”. Get it?
Everyone loves co-ords — they’re simply styling saviours that make you look splendidly put together with minimal effort.
While the off-the-shoulder jacket trend can make a look sexier by shining the spotlight on your decolletage, try baring a statement graphic or logo for a more cutting-edge look