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Style In Singapore: The Circuit-Breaker Edition

Cultural documenter and founder of creative agency Red, Gabe Tan, is Female's man on the ground scoping out the best-dressed folks in the city for our monthly column Style in Singapore. Here, he looks back on all of his favourite street style subjects over the past year. Because if you can't get to the action, here's bringing the action to you.

Steph Leong, @mianbaobreadpan, 31, brand marketing and PR executive   “She is without a doubt my go-to female style icon in Singapore as she pulls off looks effortlessly.”
Leona, @leonaziyan, 23, creative director   “Leona’s someone I love to photograph because she always manages to turn up in a put-together and refined look that does not scream high fashion snob.”
Jessica Ho, @jessthegrrl, 28, creative director   “Jess has always had a very alternative look way before it became on trend.”
Wynn Gray, @wynngray, 24, design student   “Colour can be underrated or done wrong. Wynn manages to pull off a bubbly, vibrant look without looking cheesy.”
Moh Ee Jin, @parag0n, 18, student   “Ee Jin’s style just speaks for itself. Just look at how many times he’s been snapped by me and how curated each look is.” 
Tan Hong Yi, @b.athing, 22, student   “Hong Yi’s style has evolved so much from the Hypebeast aesthetic to being heavily influenced by rock music. I’m glad I’ve been around to document and witness this style evolution.”
Mean XS, @mean.xs, 31, rapper   “Mean is a true Raf Simons fiend. Sometimes I see him in Raf, other times I see him in… Raf.”
Melvin Han, @mlvnrvna, 29, freelancer in the film industry   “Here you see one of the OGs of techwear  – clothing that serves function over all else –  in Singapore doing it well for a long time before anyone else did it.” 
Najmi, @f.jea, 22, student   “Najmi is someone who always pushes the boundaries and blurs the gender lines with his fashion choices.”
Russell Lee, @09livez, 22, full-time national serviceman   “Korean fashion is always on the pulse. Russell’s got a clean yet slouchy style you’ll find at Seoul Fashion Week.”