Unicorns, teddy bears, rabbits and ponies... No, we’re not trapped in a themed party for a seven-year-old. Rather we’re surrounded by 30-year-old social media specialist Gabrielana Song’s favourite plush toys that line her couch and bed.

The childhood obsession with anything unabashedly cheery and cute has translated into her personal style. Cue the rainbow-hued dye job she has, her predilection for charms and key chains in the form of soft toys and cartoons, and her affinity for Polly Pocket pastels (you see this a lot in the colour palette of her footwear and basics). Even her accessories are kooky not cookie cutter: her shades and spectacles come with grandma-style chains.

Song wears her sunglasses and spectacles with a grandma-style chain.

“Transitioning into adulthood doesn’t necessarily mean you discard what you used to like as a child. Maintaining a childlike wonder, including illogical and usually useless but very adorable items, helps you see the world in a better light – at least for me,” says Song, who is dressed for our shoot in an aloha shirt with prints of hula dancers from Thai label Basic Prime.


While Song might not exactly be the eccentric rainbow babe like Tavi Gevinson circa 2008, her approach to this individualistic style reflects the confidence of her style heroines.  They include the pint-sized seven-year-old Japanese Instagram sensation Coco Pink Princess who is known for her Hypebae-meets-fashion magpie aesthetic, as well as Albanian-American luxury consultant Aureta Thomollari who always look on point with her over-the-top glamourous ensembles. 

“All of them have got varied styles but they’re able to put together outfits that they’re comfortable in. They’re wearing the outfits and not vice versa. Using that as a reference, I tend to go for outfits that I’m comfortable in, that I feel good in and not what’s determined by trends,” she says.

Describe your sense of style.

Quirky, probably. I like random pops of colours. Even when I’m dressed in a monochrome outfit, I always have accessories or interesting details in the outfit that will pop.

How do you do cute and still look grown-up?

Incorporate one cutesy item into your overall outfit – be it an accessory, a T-shirt, a scarf, etc. Then keep everything else neutral.

Left: This Sandro clutch is her kind of evening statement bag. Right: Song’s collection of playful and fluffy earrings reflect her love for cute plush toys.

What is one recent fashion obsession and why?

Earrings because they can change the entire look of your outfit.

What are some of your favourite looks and items that define your personal style?

I generally prefer relaxed fit clothing. It’s very rare I’ll have a body-hugging apparel in my closet. So palazzo pants, high-waisted wide leg trousers, graphic tees, cropped pants, and printed dresses are my staples.

Song is a pro at mixing textures and influences to create one of a kind looks. A traditional Indian dress from Indian designer Ritu Kumar (left) is styled with a Topshop tuxedo jacket for something evening appropriate, while this knit top from Zara catches her eye for its vintage vibe.

Your colourful hair is a big part of your identity, isn’t it?

I’ve had my entire head dyed like a rainbow, tried traffic-stopping neon orange and pink for the entire head as well and also stripes and spots colour dyed in contrasting neon colours on my head too.


Favourite designer?

Mara Hoffman (the sustainable New York label known for its downtown-cool style).

Three fashion items you can’t live without?

A white shirt, a pair of earrings and my coloured hair (it’s an item in my books).

This crochet chopstick pouch (left) which her mum knitted is one essential she carries everywhere. A Line Friends keychain (right) gives an idiosyncratic touch to her black bags.

The biggest fashion faux pas any woman can make?

To wear something she’s uncomfortable in. If you don’t feel great, you don’t look great.

Your go-to brand for basics?


Favourite shoe label?


Left: Chanel’s Gabrielle Bag is her choice for a day bag. Right: Slides and sneakers (most in pastel shades) dominate her shoe collection.

Name your top bag brands.

It’s a tie between Chanel and Celine.

Your style secret?

Don’t take yourself and clothes too seriously. A statement piece, something extravagant can make a standard look interesting.

Photography Zaphs Zhang