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You Say "Oh Crap, I Have Nothing To Wear". We Say...

Pick one colour, and roll with it.

If you’re one who blanks out when confronted by your wardrobe just minutes before you’re due out the door, you’ve come to the right place. Just like it is with interior design, pick one — yes, just one — colour that you’re feeling that day, and piece together the rest of your ensemble from the same colour family.

In light of Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’ve picked pink (which, you know, is also great on Wednesdays) for a little show and tell above.

Soft Power
A pink suit cut slouchy for that masculine feel — a perfect paradox that’ll get your style juices flowing. Like Kim Cam Jones has done, pair with a simple top and you’re good to go. We repeat: the simpler, the better. Image: Instagram (@kimcamjones) Wear Your Heart On Your '90s Cardigan Sleeve
Oh, the ’90s cardigan. Pardon our slang but: issa look (dive into the trend here). Aimee Song’s outfit is the perfect example of what we mean by pulling from the same colour family. Her simple cardi and cami packs a punch with its synergy in hue, and works well with casual, distressed jeans. Image: Instagram (@songofstyle) The Pink Collar Job
Boiler suits — the men have had them all to themselves for the longest time, but now its the stuff of the modern woman’s wardrobe. Case in point: Yoyo Cao. It’s literally one garment that leaves you needing little else, except for a pair of clean white sneakers. Image: Instagram (@yoyocao) Pretty In Pink
Known for her love of colours, Irene Kim is the perfect example that doing the head-to-toe with separates needs a little more thought than one would expect. Instead of picking the exact same shade for all pieces, opt for tones that differ slightly to give your ensemble some visual texture. Image: Instagram (@hautepursuit) I Woke Up Like This
And, if you’re really time-starved, there’s no harm in rolling with it. This calls for a pink — or insert colour here — slip dress that calls for a blazer if you’re heading into the office, but will do well alone anywhere else.