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Are You Carrying The Right Bag For Your Body Type?

Apply the Goldilocks Principle when it comes to your bags: it has to be just right.

As much as we love to indulge in the latest bag trends, following them blindly is a big fashion faux pas. You might not know this, but knowing your figure and finding the perfect bag shape that flatters it is crucial. From slim to curvy body shapes, we’ve prepared a guide for you to search for the perfect carry-on that best suits your silhouette. Once you get a handle on it, next comes the fun part — shopping for the right purse. Trust us, you’ll start receiving compliments in no time.

If You Have an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

What it is: Broader shoulders than hip and waist.

Pro tip: For girls with a broad set of shoulders, opt for bags that accentuate your waist and hips. Naturally, it’ll divert the attention away from your shoulders and to your waistline. We’d recommend crossbody bags that fall on your hips, or even belt bags. Make sure they are not oversized so that they don’t make the bottom half of your body look heavy.

If You Have a Rectangle Body Shape

What it is: Shoulders, waist and hip are of the same size.

Pro tip: Since your figure is relatively oblong, it is best to avoid structured bags (like Celine’s Luggage totes) which will make your body appear too rigid. Choose wider bags that have a slouchy shape — it will add curves to your body. Hobo bags, oversized tote bags and soft leather clutches are your best bet.

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