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Meet The Cool Stylists, Instagrammers And Personalities Making Food Fashionable

Taste. The word often elicits a more divisive reaction in fashion than in food, in part because its relationship with the former is more traditionally tied to aesthetics. Is something good, bad or – an increasingly occurring category when it comes to dressing – good-bad?

Somehow, the answer is a lot easier to figure out when discussing brunch instead of, say, designer logo tees or Balmain. (And it’s hard to call a dish good-bad; even detractors of In-N-Out have to admit that those Animal-Style Burgers are passable. Also, we’ll take them over starving.)

Yet, visual flair and creative thinking are becoming more and more part of the everyday dining lexicon. The camera eats first. Plating is now an art form. Earlier this year, Monocle – arbiter of culture and taste – launched a Drinking & Dining Directory. The next 16 pages have nothing to do with that last point.

What they do have: people in or from Singapore who are bridging the world of fashion and design with what we eat and drink. Stylists who approach a gastronomical feast with the same eye that we do a new runway season. The telegenic It girl straddling home cooking and recipe development with illustration, creative direction and public appearances. The Bagaholicboys of food. And that’s just an appetiser to what we’ve cooked up (aren’t culinary-related puns so good-bad?).

They’re the folks who make the idea of taste in food no longer simply about its sensorial effects on our tongues.

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Creative outfit Can Studio JB (, comprising photographer Weishen Tan and baker/food stylist Holly Withers, created this zesty creation for Female. Withers is known for her artisanal confections that are often decorated with real plants and flowers – precisely what she utilised in her piece for us after a jaunt to the local market.