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These Summer Fashion Tips Will Keep You Looking And Feeling Cool

Dressing for the heat doesn't mean you have to look like a sweaty mess.

It’s always hot in Singapore but the mid-year temperatures tend to loom higher than other months, which means more effort is needed to dress cool (and not like a sweaty disaster).  From choosing the appropriate fabric to climate appropriate silhouettes, we have the best summer fashion tips that’ll keep you looking hot – and not feeling hot – this season. 

#1: Natural Fabrics Are Your Best Friends 

Cotton dress, $59.90, Zara

Opt for cotton and linen clothes when you’re summer outfit shopping. These natural fibres are lightweight and more breathable than materials like polyester and rayon. They allow air to circulate – leaving you feeling cool and looking chic. 

#2: Go for Unlined Clothing

Eres linen dress, USD$2,847 (SG$3,800),

While jackets, dresses and skirts might make real cute summer looks, go for the ones without linings in them. Linings are usually made of synthetic materials that tend to stick to the skin when you sweat — save yourself the trouble.