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Not many people can thank a bikini for launching their careers (former beauty queen Ris Low can say so, but that’s in an entirely different light). Legendary Swiss actress Ursula Andress, however, can proudly make this claim: As the original Bond girl, the image of Andress appearing out of the water in the James Bond movie Dr No is an iconic moment in film history. Fun fact: That white bikini fetched £41,125 (S$81,000) at a 2001 auction.

It’s hardly a surprise, then, that she was Eres’ numero uno choice when looking for a collaborator for a swimwear capsule collection. The French brand, which is owned by Chanel, evidently has a weak spots for Bond girls: Halle Berry wore their orange bikini for Die Another Day in 2002.

swimsuits swimwear bikini eres
The one-piece designs under the Petula collection.

The brand’s Petula capsule collection comprises three maillots and a bikini, all of which incorporate the distinctive buckle detail seen on Andress’ white bikini in the 1962 flick. Available in Eres’ signature sleek designs and in solid colours like forest green and royal blue, the pieces ($505-$690) will launch in its Singapore store (#01-12 Four Seasons Hotel) this weekend.  


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