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Teddy Bear What? The Season’s It Outerwear Is As Adorable As Its Name Suggests

Singapore may have a brutal equatorial climate, but that hasn’t stopped the stylish from dressing to the nines. And this time, we’ve found yet another reason to do so.

Polished, snug and fondly reminiscent of your favourite childhood plushies, teddy bear coats and jackets have resurfaced at fashion’s forefront — with Max Mara leading the charge with its aptly monikered Teddy Bear Icon coat. But asides from that, it has come down the runways of Burberry and Acne Studios just to name a few, as well as on the backs of the street style pack. 

From varying tones of brown to pastels and more robust colours that pack a punch (think pink and sunshine yellow) and cropped or long, the options are quite endless — but we all know its main pull factor lies in how high it ranks on the comfort scale. Sure, they aren’t anything new (tracing back to post-war Britain) and have made rounds in the fashion circuit in the past, but when fashion plates like Hailey Baldwin, Eva Chen and Alexa Chung are snuggling up in it, it’s a little hard to ignore.

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