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The Prada Nylon Bag Gets An Eco-Friendly Revamp

The Italian fashion house is making one of the biggest sustainability moves of the year with the Prada Re-Nylon bag

Prada’s reintroduction of the Nylon backpack has been nothing short of wildly successful. Initially introduced to the world in 1984, its resurgence during the house’s Spring 2018 runway show hasn’t missed a beat. The comeback hasn’t brought just the backpack with it – it’s also launched equally successful counterparts like the nylon bucket hat, a make-up bag and variations of the belt and bum bag. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably already lapped up every bit of it – from the smooth, velvety black to the subtle accents of silver hardware. If you’re in the market to ogle at something new, Prada’s latest campaign has put a whole new spin on the iconic collection.

Helmed by Prada heir Lorenzo Bertelli, the Prada Re-Nylon collection will feature six classic bags repurposed from ECONYL – a regenerated version of nylon that allows it to be recycled indefinitely without compromising quality –  a far cry from the nylon sourced from factories manufacturing military gear back in the ’80s. The material is derived through the recycling of plastic debris from oceans as well as textile waste and is part of the brand’s efforts to drastically reduce wastage as well as its impact on the environment. The ultimate goal of this overhaul? To ensure that all nylon used is either upcycled or recycled by 2021.

The brand’s DNA is still strongly present – there are no major changes to the silhouettes of the bags – with an evident change in hardware, like the buckles and patches (which are interchangeable in colour). The most prominent switch up is the navy colourway, adding to the more casual yet durable feel of the designs. With the house’s undeniable influence within the industry, the drop hints at an even bigger possibility of all major luxury houses going green over the next few years.

With two colossal changes under their belt this year already, we’re pretty certain Prada’s well on it’s way to saving the world, one bag at a time. Browse the collection above.














Prada Re-Nylon
Prada Re-Nylon
Prada Re-Nylon