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The Switch Up: The Designer/Models To Know

Here are five fashion designers/models who've starred in their own campaigns

The era of the model-designer isn’t exactly over – we still check up on Alexa Chung now and again – but it does have a friendly new contender in town. Introducing the designer/model : a fresh new hyphenate of the industry that’s bringing fashion designers to the forefront; though this time, in a much more up, close and personal way.

Harris Reed

This young American-born, London-based designer has radically redefined the arena of personal designing. Prior to dressing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars – Solange, Ezra Miller and Harry Styles – Reed was (and still is) the poster child for his namesake label, Harris Reed. Dramatic silhouettes, androgyny and glamorous headpieces are all cornerstones of his creations. While they effortlessly translate onto whoever he styles, Reed undeniably designs for the ethereal and avant-garde vision that his self-portraits exude.

Heron Preston

Co-founder and designer of streetwear brand Been Trill alongside Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston’s design accolades far outweigh his (brand new) modelling credentials. In his most recent collaboration with Levi’s, Preston not only developed a one-of-a-kind capsule collection for the iconic 501 jean, but also modelled alongside Hailey Bieber in his very own designs. While there’s no word on whether Preston might model in any of his upcoming collections, he has most definitely made considerable waves with his very first attempt.

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