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These Korean Celebrity Approved It-Bags Will Up Your Arm Candy Game

From Dior to Valentino, these coveted it-bags will bring you that one step closer to looking just like your favourite Korean celebrity

We’re not exaggerating when we say that the minute a Korean celebrity (namely, an actress) uses something – i.e, a skincare or makeup product, or even the most everyday product such as sanitary pads (seriously, google it), everybody from our local girls to our counterparts in the West throng the stores to purchase it. We’re also not exaggerating when we say that when it comes to real-life celebrity style, the Koreans also seem to be acing the game. They’re not as heavily made up or look as “manufactured” as the Westerners which is why when it comes to the realm of the designer it-bag, it doesn’t look like product placement at all. In fact, that laissez-faire oh-I-just-happened-to-be-using-it attitude is why we like how these nine ladies are carrying it – click on for what and how you should be carrying these K-celeb endorsed bags.


Suzy’s Dior Saddle
Enough has been said about Dior’s iconic Saddle bag – how it excites the generation who has carried it through the ‘90s to the noughties and how the millennials and Gen Z-ers are also hankering for one. Suzy is wearing it the simplest but most stylish way we know though – with a simple graphic tee and a pleated pencil skirt to let the bag do all the talking for her outfit. And yes, it’s a very stylish conversation. Clara Lee’s Louis Vuitton Bumbag
It’s not surprising that the combination of Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram and a ‘90s style bum bag could well, look ‘90s but if you’re Clara Lee, you’d know that you should be styling it in a way that looks anything but. Ditch the standard athletic tracksuits and chunky sneakers everybody is going to be wearing it with and wear something pleasingly simpler instead – a tee-dress and white sneakers. Park Shin Hye’s Valentino VRing Bag
Park Shin Hye’s pictured here at an airport and on first glance, she’s already proven that the Seoulite constantly aces the airport fashion game – what with a giant hoodie for #comfort and also for sneaking peanuts into its pockets and a bag that’s going to fit all your in-flight essentials (passports, skincare, and a book if the movies bore you). The Valentino VRing bag comes with three compartments too for you to organise them properly. Lee Sung Kyung’s Fendi Utility Belt
Unless you’re a bonafide Korean actress who has access to a personal assistant cause um, who wants to carry their own bag, Lee Sung Kyung’s Fendi utility belt (sorry folks, it’s sort of a bag but not really) might not work for those of us who carry our own bags. But think of it as your new nightlife-worthy bag – the larger pocket fits your mobile phone and cards and the other, your lipstick and breath strips. Lee Yoo Bi’s Off-White Binder Camera Bag
We don’t know what Lee Yoo Bi was thinking when she purchased the Off-White binder camera bag but we’re going to assume that she wanted a designer bag that doesn’t look designer. It’s not going to amass as many likes on Instagram cause chances are, people might not know which designer it’s from (and that’s what the tagging function is for) but for those in the know, up goes your street cred.   Min Hyo Rin’s Dior 30 Montaigne Bag
When unleashing the season’s latest it-bag onto the internet, Maria Grazia Chiuri of Dior stated that the 30 Montaigne bag is a uniform bag – which is to say you’re going to want to wear it with uniform pieces. Min Hyo Rin is wearing exactly these pieces though: the white tee (you can wear yours cropped too) and light washed summer-ready denim. And whilst her 30 Montaigne is white, we recommend you purchase yours in an everyday black instead. Oh Yeon Seo’s Kate Spade Suzy Bag
In the ‘90s, women went crazy over Kate Spade bags – they were priced perfectly (which is to say they won’t bankrupt you), were made of durable calf leather that didn’t scratch easily and no one had a hard time coordinating them. Fast forward two decades, Oh Yeon Seo’s carrying a ‘90s inspired Suzy Bag and proves the above three points – it looks good whether you’re going out to party or if you’re doing less glamorous things like grocery shopping.   Jung Ryeo Won’s Givenchy Whip Bag
The Givenchy Whip Bag isn’t named after fishing a random word written on a piece of paper out of a fish bowl. It’s literally named after a whip but Jung Ryeo Won seems to be ignoring its tough moniker by pairing it with a summery eyelet dress and out-of-bed hair to soften the bag’s angular silhouette. But that’s not to say that’s the only way you can wear the Whip though — we think it looks good too with razor sharp tailored suits. Han Bo Reum’s Gucci Sylvie Bag
One of the first bags released when Alessandro Michele ascended the Gucci throne, the Sylvie was an immediate pleaser – its ladylike silhouette was a nice break from the utilitarian bags in that season and it came in any and every colour. Han Bo Reum plays on the latter’s trait by making it the perfect pop of colour on her outfit – the red pops next to neutrals such as white and leopard print (yes yes, the latter can be considered one).