Self-love seems to be quite the buzzword as of late. So when Converse wanted someone to share their self-love story for their newest “Love Fearlessly” collection for International Women’s Day, it’s no surprise Tiffany Tan  (@lovage) was their person of choice. 

Lovage’s exclusive illustration for Converse’s ‘Love Fearlessly’ campaign

The do-it-all henna tattoo artist, illustrator and Muay Thai fighter is not an unfamiliar face to the Converse family.  From enchanting botanical illustrations she’s done on both paper and on human skin, her illustrations have been spotted on the brand’s iconic Chuck sneakers at their pop-ups. 

Tiffany Lovage converse
Lovage hand-painting custom Chuck 70s at Converse’s Chuck 70 Pop-Up earlier this year in January.

Lovage’s current journey of self-love has also been a time of what she terms “re(dis)covery.” Having sustained a knee injury in January 2019, Lovage has since been on a journey to both recovery and self-discovery, and the notion of self-love hits a chord with her. 

Below, we ask Lovage about collaborating with one of the biggest sneaker brands in the world, her favourite feel-good outfit and the self-love rituals she’s adopting on this journey for self-discovery.

Tell us a little bit about how you got into the things you love doing – from illustrations and henna tattooing to Muay Thai.

“I am beyond blessed to be able to practice the things I love doing. Most, if not all, initiated with a momentary spur. Interest and love for the activities grow and it just picks up from there on into what they mean to me today.”

You’ve collaborated with Converse before. What was the experience like? And what do you love about the brand?

“Chill af. I love the community surrounding the brand. It warms my heart to see people from different walks of life coming together sharing their stories.”

Everyone has a self-love journey that they’re either currently on or are looking to embark on. Tell us a little about what yours has been like.

“My current journey centers around a knee injury I had sustained in Jan 2019. Movement is a huge part of my life and losing that in the last year has crippled me (pun unintended) in ways more than one. Two surgeries later, I am still recovering and am looking at a longer timeline to regain full function as before.

In this process, I had lost all confidence and began questioning my being. It was and is a tough pill to swallow and I was so lost. My heart and head were dealing with the trauma more than actual physical pain. I decided to take a step forward instead of wallow in self pity and spiral downward.

Since then, I coined my journey re(dis)covery and have been actively pursuing this journey of rediscovering myself as I recover. Self discovery is self-love.”

So what does self-love mean to you now?

“Self-love is understanding that the most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself. Brought forward, it is the awareness that your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.”

What does your self-love routine usually entail?

“On the daily, it is grooving to the music that puts a pep in my step and a smile on my face. It can also be one that pains my heart and lets me feel and remember that I am human. Self-love is respecting my body, feeding it the exercises (rehab) and nutrients it needs to flourish.”

tiffany lovage converse

Describe an outfit of yours that you would put together that makes you feel powerful and empowered.

“Definitely loose, flowy, wild hair, a leather jacket, sports tights for mobility (to run the world) and some high-cut chucks.”

Any cool, fearless women/illustrators that you love that we should be following on Instagram right now?

“Too many. Locally, @yell0w, @adelenestanleycheah are close to my heart. @elizabethdelapiedra has been one of my women crushes of all time. She is it all. The cool, fearless, creative fashionable mom of two. Nothing short of inspiring.”

Peep Converse’s newest “Love Fearlessly” collection – now available at all Converse stores islandwide, from $100-$140 – below.