The It Accessory: The Elevated Headdress

trendiest accessoriesIf the look associated with Nicole Richie circa 2010 and the Coachella/Ultra crowd is hippie (and passe), this is more Studio 54 glamorous and – with the festive season around the corner – a lot more relevant. The eclectic range includes metal mesh bands and pretty leather floral garlands (Chanel), dramatic Renaissance-inspired gold wreaths (Gucci), and skinny, marabou feather-topped headbands (Prada). In other words: more options than there are flattering face filters on IG Stories, and sure to go as viral. Left: Metal headband and cotton T-shirt, prices unavailable, Chanel. Metal headband, $750, and cotton jersey T-shirt, $790, Gucci.

Photography Zaphs Zhang Styling Imran Jalal Hair & Makeup Sha Shamsi, using Fenty Beauty by Rihanna & L’Oreal Professionnel Model Claudia/Mannequin

The New Earring Trends: Clip-Ons

trendiest accessories

Before you start thinking Glow and tacky ’80s fashion, here’s a jewellery nerd fact: Earrings with a clasp back were invented in the ’30s, and reigned right up till the ’70s. (Before punk, piercings were really frowned upon. Plus clip-ons are just so much more convenient and sanitary.) How they became so underrated beats us, but their major comeback in all forms will reinstate how they’re for everyone – from Balenciaga’s oversized, Glow-appropriate mono earring to Bulgari’s High Jewellery Serpenti drop earrings dripping in rubellites, emeralds and diamonds. From top: Metal and pearl, $350, Tory Burch. Tin, glass and brass, $3,780, Saint Laurent. 18K gold with pink rhodium, US$4,500 (S$6,120), Brass and strass, $410 (sold singly), Balenciaga.

Photography Zaphs Zhang Art Direction Adeline Eng Artwork Lady Hester King by John Hoppner, courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This story first appeared in Female’s November 2017 issue.

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