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Trendy Statement Earrings To Spice Up Any Outfit

Because we’ve been complacent with our basic studs for way too long.
Hoop earrings with key motifs by Ambush, S$436.26, via Brownsfashion
Look closer and you’ll spy the ‘Do Not Duplicate’ engraving across the front. Cloud motif hoop earring by Alighieri, £350 (S$628)
For a touch of whimsy, this pair makes a statement. Unicorn motif hoop earrings by Jennifer Fisher, £290 (S$518), via Net-a-Porter
Wearing unicorns doesn’t just have to look cute or kawaii. #1: Oscar De La Renta acetate earrings, $817,
The linked ones adds a touch of toughness to your outfit. #2: Jill Sander brass earrings, $509,
These metal chain earrings are extra cool because it has both silver and gold tones in them. #3: Glass earrings, $39.90, Zara
Why stick to one-colour when you can wear all colours? We’ve waited too long for a multi- colour revival and we think a rainbow-hued earring is the best way to go. #4: Oscar De La Renta brass earrings, $1,064,
Yes, another Oscar De La Renta pair. This waterfall earring features rich multi-coloured gems stones. #5: Meadowlark gold-plated earrings, USD$375.76 (SG$511),
Big floral earrings add a dainty and elegant feel to your look. This one is sculpted to better catch the light. #6: Resin earring, price unavailable USD$290 (SG$394), Marni
Clear accessories are super hot this season too. These ones have cool abstract shaped stones. #7: Perspex earrings, $16.90, Topshop
These earrings have gold glitter trapped inside them — it’ll standout when paired with an all black get-up. #8: Paola Vilas amazonite earrings, USD$676.48 (SG$919),
Faces on earrings have been a huge trend this season and we’re totally for it. These abstract faces will surely appeal to the art fiends.