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This Turtleneck Trend Is Huge Right Now – Here’s How Cool Girls On Instagram Are Styling It

Bold, colourful and statement-making, the printed turtleneck is the latest trend that's taking cues from all your favourite '90s TV shows.

Main Image: Instagram (@weworewhat) 

Remember when the beauty community on Youtube decided to resurrect the Bratz doll craze by recreating their iconic makeup looks? Well, it looks like the fashion world wants in on it too, if the recent printed turtleneck trend is anything to go by. Cue a fun, ’90s-inspired take on the classic turtleneck – kitsch, playful and anything but minimalist.

There’s a few key points to this trend to note: the turtlenecks are usually made of a stretchy fabric (think stretch jersey, mesh or even neoprene) and feature bold prints – bonus points for the colourful and psychedelic.

It’s certainly a statement-maker, which is why we’ve cherry picked a few examples to get you inspired. And if you want to get in on the trend, here are a few pieces to keep in mind for your next shopping spree.



Image: Instagram (@weworewhat)    The easiest way to work is trend is to tuck in a bright turtleneck into wide-legged jeans.
Image: Instagram (@littleblackboots)   If light wash denims aren’t your cup of tea, that’s okay – black wide-legged pants are here to save the day. The key is to create balance by contrasting the tight turtleneck with the looser silhouette on the bottom half of your body.    
Image: Instagram (@weworewhat)   Remember the white denim trend that was super popular a few months back? Resurrect that trend and pair it with a light-coloured printed turtleneck. Cinch in your waist with a wide belt to complete the look.  
Image: Instagram (@alyssainthecity)   Don’t be afraid of wearing loud colours and bold prints. To tie a busy look together, try matching the accent colour on your shirt to your accessories.
Image: Instagram (@littleblackboots)   If neon tie-dyed printed tops aren’t quite your calling, that’s okay too. This dainty polka-dot mesh top is just as on-trend. Throw on a worn-in leather on top, pull on your favourite pair of jeans and you get a winning outfit formula.
Image: Instagram (@aimeesong)   Co-ords are another great way to pull off this trend. Match the print of your turtleneck to your bottom and you won’t have to worry about your outfit looking too busy. To keep things interesting, take a leaf from Aimee Song’s book and pick a bottom in a complementary shade.
Image: Instagram (@shhtephs)   If you’re feeling bold, why not pair your turtleneck with leather Bermuda shorts? You’ll be nailing three trends in one go.
Image: Instagram (@jessicaminkoff)   A triangle bralette worn under a sheer mesh printed turtleneck would be a super cute look. Avoid lingerie that’s too intricate, as it can clash with the print of your top and ruin the whole look.    
Corduroys are a staple of Fall, which is why we’re partial to the idea of matching a printed turtleneck with a pair of corduroy pants, preferably in a trendy pistachio green. Finish with a pair of chunky shoes for that quintessential early 00s look.