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Are You Wearing The Most Flattering Dress Silhouette For Your Body Type?

We break down the best fit.

We’ve all been through this predicament. We go into a shop, find a gorgeous dress that speaks to our soul and we head excitedly to the dressing room to try it on. Unfortunately, you can’t say yes to the dress because it made you look less than amazing and confident. Why? Most of the time it boils down to the silhouette and cut — given that the most flattering sort differs for each body type.

Below, a comprehensive guide.

Identifying your body type:

Apple: The opposite of an hourglass where your waist is wider than your shoulders and hips.

Pear: Similar to a triangle, pear body types have fuller and wider hips and butt which contrast against less broad shoulders.

Inverted triangle: People with this body type have wider shoulders that taper to narrower hips and waist.

Rectangle: Rectangular body types have similar widths from shoulders to waist and there’re no defined curves and waistline.

Hourglass: You have a curvy body with a fuller bust, hip and thighs while your waist has a smaller circumference. You have the “ideal” body shape that suits most, if not all, dress types.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s look at the different types of dress silhouettes.


#1: A-Line

What it is: An A-line dress is fitted at your natural waist and then flares out.
Who it’s best for: A-line dresses are great for all body types. For apple, rectangle and inverted triangle body types, the cinch helps accentuate the waistline, while the flare further de-emphasises the bottom-heavy look of a pear shape to help create the hourglass illusion.

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