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Uniqlo U Spring/Summer '19: The Best Women's (And Men's) Pieces To Nab

We’re now entering into the third year of the Uniqlo U line that’s headed by Christophe Lemaire and as ever, Lemaire continues to make small tweaks to improve on what is already a very popular product.

What’s new however, is the introduction of certain fabrics to the line, such as linen shirts that are for men, but hey, you could always snap one up for yourself. Overall however, the look remains largely the same. Uniqlo says, “garment details and silhouettes have been simplified to accentuate Uniqlo U’s most ambitious palette to date.”

Colour-wise, it’s the saturated tones that Lemaire is known to favour: think hot pinks and emerald greens paired with more earthy shades. But here and there, there are unexpected hues such as fluorescent oranges — possibly a nod to the current rage for neon colours.

The full collection will be available at Uniqlo’s flagship Orchard Central store and online on February 1, though the women’s beachwear pieces (six in total, including a bikini and a one-piece) will only be arriving in March.

Here, a selection of our favourite pieces. P.S. We’re holding out for the printed camp shirt and matching shorts.

Women's open collar shirt, $49.90
Women's printed shorts, $49.90
Women's denim jacket, $99.90
Women's denim flare jeans, $59.90
Women's cotton tank top, $29.90
Women's high waisted pants, $59.90
Women's cotton shirt, $59.90
Women's cotton parka, $79.90
Women's cotton dress, $59.90
Women's seamless swimsuit, $49.90
Women's denim short, $49.90
Women's cotton shirt, $49.90
Women's balloon sleeve dress, $79.90
Unisex sandals, $49.90
Unisex cap, $29.90
Unisex mini shoulder bag, $29.90
Men's denim jacket, $99.90
Men's cotton T-shirt, $29.90
Men's cashmere shirt, $59.90
Men's linen shirt, $49.90
Men's cotton pants, $59.90