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A First Look At Uniqlo U Spring Summer 2020 - And The Best Pieces To Snag

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There’s a legion of fans that await Uniqlo U’s collection every season and we count ourselves among them. Previewing the collection last week, we were immediately drawn towards how airy – both in fabric and colour palette – the Spring/Summer 2020 pieces were.

Pastels aren’t groundbreaking, especially for the Spring/Summer season, but the deftness at which it’s applied here doesn’t come with the usual saccarhine-sweet undertones. Instead this Uniqlo U collection comes across as more light and effortless, if anything – perfectly accompanying the considered details that cater towards an active consumer that’s constantly on the move.

Take for example the parachute pants in the women’s collection – a casual drawstring number – that transforms in silhouette (from a straight-leg design) to track pants via buttons at the ankle cuff (seen above in the opening look). The same light hand can also be seen in the men’s range, similarly outfitted in pastel hues – though with a noticeably heavier focus on classic workwear-style details, such as gurkha shorts, which I believe is a first for Uniqlo U.

And now, what you’re really here for: the collection is set to launch February 21 at its usual spots – the brand’s Orchard Central Global Flagship Store as well as on their site – with selected designs available at all other stores. Prices range from $14.90 for a T-shirt to $199.90 for outerwear. Above, our picks:

Women's cotton shirt, $49.90
Women's cotton twill skirt, $49.90
Women's cotton shirt dress, $79.90
Women's cotton twill pants,$59.90
Women's cotton polo shirt, $29.90
Women's cotton pants, $49.90
Women's polyester-blend swimsuit top, $29.90
Women's denim shorts, $49.90
Cotton tank top, $14.90
Technical fabric sandals, $49.9
Men's denim jacket, $99.90
Men's linen cotton shirt, $49.90
Men's linen cotton shirt, $49.90
BLOCKTECH fanny pack, $29.90
Men's cotton hoodie, $59.90
Men's cotton hoodie, $59.90
Men's linen cotton shirt, $49.90
Men's cotton pleated pants, $59.90
Men's denim work jacket, $99.90
Men's cotton gurkha shorts, $49.90
Men's cotton pants, $59.90