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Brand New Eyes: Meet The 3 Local Photographers Making Waves

These bright young things in fashion photography – whose works have most recently appeared in our New Bohemia-themed September issue – tell us a little about their stylistic influences and approaches to the form.

The talent in fashion photography is getting terrifyingly young these days, and a new generation of local creatives have started to take their places on the pages of magazines. Some influences stay evergreen – like films and music from decades past – but get renewed continually through fresh interpretations. The creative well is endless. 

From the New Bohemia issue, here are three such photographers who are giving fashion photography here a much needed shot of newness and perspective – letting us in on their creative influences, approaches, and most importantly, on-set music choices. 

Feed Beng


On top of being a photographer, you’re an illustrator too – how do you bridge these two? 

The common thing is the feeling I want to elicit with my work. It can be a cackle [or] an intense, furrowed-brow moment. Both of which are equally great in my opinion. 

How would you describe your approach to your work?

A large part of it is about the duality of who I am. I like loud colors, textures and shiny stupid frivolous things, and the notion of not taking things too seriously. But at the same time, I also enjoy taking time alone to be deep in my thoughts. 

Who or what are you obsessed with right now? 

I’m obsessed with people who are brave and courageous enough to speak their truth in their work. 

Fantasy fashion shoot dream team (stylist, hair and makeup, set designer, models etc): go! 

I have so many in mind, but I think a project with Katie Grand, (the stylist and founding editor of Love Magazine), and Lizzo would be absolutely insane. 

What is your on-set playlist like? 

it really depends on the shoot but it’ll most probably be an extensive playlist of Diana, Whitney, Cher, Aretha, Patti and Tina. With a good sprinkling of Lizzo, of course. 

What are some of your favourite fashion references? 

Anything Tim Walker. I think good fashion always treads between reality and fantasy and I always prefer images that have a message, concept or story. 

What’s keeping you excited about your work? 

The concept that feelings and emotions are universal to every one, and being able to condense whatever I want to say into visuals and have people look at it and feel any way they feel is a very exciting thing to me. 

 How did you find your visual style? 

I think good work should either be a reflection of what’s happening right now, or be an escape for people from their current state of mind. I honestly think we’re really living in some dire times right now and I guess my pessimism is also my own form of optimism. 

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