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Skinny Jeans Are Back - Here's How Cool Girls Are Giving It A Chic Upgrade

Denim trends may come and go, but skinny jeans will always have a special place in our hearts (and wardrobe).

Main Image: Instagram (@leiasfez)

Five years ago, you couldn’t scroll through outfit posts on Instagram without encountering skinny jeans every other photo. Slowly but surely, however, the slim-fitting silhouette fell out of favour amongst the stylish set, only to be replaced by looser fits. Nevertheless, skinny jeans remain a beloved basic – a safe choice and sartorial anchor when the rest of your outfit veers on the more experimental side.

But that’s not to say that skinny jeans are dated or boring. In fact, with the right styling, you can make skinny jeans look current and fresh again. Not convinced? Peep some of our favourite skinny jeans outfits and styling tips.

Biker jacket and black skinnies
Photo: Instagram (@aninebing) Black leather biker jackets and skinny jeans go together like peanut butter and jelly – it’s practically written in the fashion bible. Go all out by donning a vintage band tee and a pair of Doc Martens. Or you can make like Anine Bing and pick out some ankle boots – preferably in white to match your white tee – for a sharper look. Oversized dress shirt and distressed jeans
Photo: Instagram (@aninebing) You can’t blame us for being slightly obsessed with Anine Bing’s fits. Take a look at her feed – she has mastered the art of keeping skinny jeans fun and fresh in 2019. We love how the oversized dress shirt and distressed jeans gives the outfit a faintly artsy vibe. A pair of heeled boots and a gold-tone watch adds refinement to the ensemble. Structural top and high-waisted denim
Photo: Instagram (@leiasfez) As a rule of thumb, always pick high- and mid-rise skinny jeans over low-rise options. This helps your skinny jeans look a lot more luxe and modern. Try matching your jeans with an interesting structural top and finish off with a pair of kitten heels for a date night. Sharp blazer and pinstriped top
Photo: Instagram (@leiafez) Who says you can’t wear skinny jeans to the office? A longline blazer and pinstriped top adds tons of polish to a pair of darkwash jeans. Just make sure to keep everything monotone for cohesion. We love how the combat boots gives this outfit extra pizazz that would fit perfectly in a creative workplace. Barely-there heels
Photo: Instagram (@annelauremais) Most people would instantly reach for combat boots to complement their leather jacket, band tee and jeans outfit. Why not change things up by wearing a pair of barely-there strappy heels instead? It’s a small change that makes your ensemble a lot more feminine Corduroy jacket and white denim
Photo: Instagram (@weworewhat) White denim is a little tricky to get right sometimes. However, this monochrome outfit hits all the right spots. We love the strong shoulders of the corduroy jacket, which incidentally, is very on-trend this season. Slouchy white shirt
Photo: Instagram (@shotfromthestreet) Basic doesn’t have to be boring, and there’s beauty in the classics. Give the tried-and-tested outfit formula of white shirt + dark skinny jeans a little twist by unbuttoning your shirt lower than usual. You can also pull them off your shoulders for a more feminine look. Be sure to add a black leather belt to pull the look together.