Just last night, Valentino staged its Pre-Fall 2019 runway in Tokyo, sending out their now modus operandi of an architectural, romantic affair — commanding with its smattering of strong shapes, and tender in the sheer frothiness of some frocks. Look closely at the 90-strong exit collection though, and you’ll glean homages to its host country; in the almost origami-like ruffles on the sleeves of a coat and the skewed closure of traditional Japanese garments interpreted on a puffer. But asides from the aforementioned pret-a-couture, Pierpaolo Piccioli also has plenty else in store for those who’d like to have with them a piece of VLTN on the daily.

For this journey to Tokyo, the creative director has also collaborated with artists and Japanese designers (Jun Takahashi of Undercover and Masayuki Ino of Doublet) on a series of tees, hoodies, bags, small accessories, phone cases, kimonos, hairpins, masks and figurines — to be sold at the brand’s TKY concept store (located at Ginza Six) that’s the nucleus of it all. Spanning more than eight tie-ups that cast Valentino through the lenses of Japanese craftsmen and creatives, we spotlight our favourites below, including the special non-collab capsules that mark the event.

#1: Doublet for Valentino TKY

#2: Undercover for Valentino TKY

#3: VLTN TKY capsule

#4: Special gadgets for Ginza Six

#5: VLTN TKY Manga capsule

Available at the Valentino TKY concept store at Ginza Six in Tokyo.