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Vans Has The Wittiest Kicks Perfect For The Year Of The Rooster

Planning for your Chinese New Year wardrobe? Skater classic Vans has released a new collection that will elevate your foot game. 


vans chinese new year Based on the complete life-cycle of a rooster (the spirit animal for 2017), the four-piece collection ($99-$159) was designed in collaboration with Shanghai-based footwear designer Kim Kiroic.

vans chinese new year

This beige sheepskin leather number takes after the first stage of a rooster – an egg.

vans chinese new year

What is probably the cutest shoe of the collection, this fluffy yellow piece is modelled after a chick. We are predicting that this will sell out first.

vans chinese new year

A cockerel provides inspiration for the penultimate design – a white slip-on with tassels mimicking the cockerel’s comb (that red spiky growth atop the bird’s head).

vans chinese new year

And finally, this sleek red high-top design is a paean to the original rooster.

Exclusively available only at the brand’s Ion Orchard boutique, it will go on sale on Wednesday, Dec 28 – so mark your calendars.


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