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ProTip From Fashion It Girls And Experts For Your Wardrobe Cleanse

To mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, luxury fashion reseller Vestiaire Collective ropes in a bevy of stylish women to give us a much-needed wardrobe reality check.

We’ve heard it before: the fashion choices you make – what you buy, where you buy it and how it’s made – affect our planet more than most realise. And while hearing it is one thing, taking action is a whole other (and sometimes overwhelming) story. Which is why French luxury reseller, Vestiaire Collective, has come up with a simple, comprehensive four-step challenge that readers can take part in.

Tapping on fashion-savvy names such as girl about town and style star Mae Tan, actress and environmental activist Lily Cole and model Arizona Muse, the platform has come up with the month-long ‘Wardrobe Reality Check’ challenge that will encourage shoppers to start building a sustainable and stylish capsule for years to come and to sell pieces that are no longer of use. And you won’t have to do it alone, either. With Tan, Cole and Muse – alongside entrepreneur and Kardashian bestie Steph Step and TV host Cara G Mcllroy – taking the challenge themselves with some pro tips thrown in. Said Step: “Invest in pieces you will wear over and over again. Avoid trendy impulse buys. Know your brand’s labor and fabric practices.”

Vestiaire Collective is also throwing in a big motivator: the platform will take a significantly smaller commission from all pieces between $150-$300 so that you get more from what you choose to sell. The more items deposited from users will also result in gift vouchers to use. Sounds enticing? You can take part in the challenge here. You’ll also be able to shop from all the girls’ wardrobes. For a quick breakdown on Vestiaire’s guide and how some of your fave It girls are getting involved, browse the gallery above.

Step 1: Start your wardrobe reality check by assessing all your items
Simply take stock of what you have, what you wear and what you don’t. Take a two-hour chunk out of your day to do this and then sort out your clothes into different piles: resale, donations, to be given to charity and to repurpose or recycle. You can use the Vestiaire Collective app to sell your resale pile at a reduced commission rate from what the site usually offers. Ultimately, you’ll be making more space in your wardrobe for pieces you truly love and will wear for years to come.   Mae’s top sustainability tip: “‘Refuse’! A large bulk of fashion waste is a result of quick purchases. It helps to keep to the classics and items that have value not only in design but in craftsmanship that can last you a lifetime of wear.”   Shop Mae Tan’s closet here Step 2: Invest in caring for your clothes the right way
Most clothing items are damaged due to improper caring techniques. Some tips include: steaming, misting and airing instead of over-washing, switching up washing machine cycles (and choosing the right one for the item) as well as separating various materials when doing your laundry.   Lily’s personal sustainability ethos: “I really believe in minimalism and slow fashion: in just buying what you love and treasuring those things.”   Shop Lily Cole’s closet here   Step 3: The fun part? Now you can start building a brand new, conscious wardrobe
When considering future purchase options, have a mixture of quality staples – that means avoiding “fast fashion” – purchases from sustainable and eco-conscious clothing companies, reselling seasonal items, shopping vintage and also possibly renting for special occasions rather than buying. To put it simply: buying, selling and renting options are now limitless, so choose wisely and consciously.   Arizona’s sustainability tip: “I know that some people struggle to get rid of things, I’m not like that, I absolutely love having a clear out. Focus on how good it will feel to have a closet that is spacious, it’s really satisfying to be able to organise your things better, it’s like a sigh of relief.”   Shop Arizona Muses’ closet here Step 4: And finally, spread the word
While it can often feel a little overwhelming making a major lifestyle and mindset change on your own, the platform has created a community where you just might meet likeminded people on a similar sustainable fashion journey. Check out #FashionShouldFeelGood for tips on how to start building a considered wardrobe.   Cara’s sustainability tip: “Don’t follow trends, buy items because you truly love them and will cherish them. Invest in good quality second hand and vintage pieces, Finally, don’t impulse buy. Buy items that make you feel beautiful and nothing less.”   Shop Cara G Mcllroy’s closet here