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How You Can Own Items From The Wardrobes Of Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny, Carey Mulligan And Other Style Stars

Wardrobe raiders.

Luxury resale platform Vestiaire Collective has teamed up with non-profit organisation Oxfam for the latter’s #SecondHandSeptember initiative – which is pretty self-explanatory. This is the second year the Oxfam initiative is running; essentially it tries to bring attention to the environmental benefits of circular fashion.

Kate Moss’ Yves Saint Laurent jacket is up for grabs.

Circular fashion is a relatively new term but in a nutshell, its ethos is to design (on the part of brands and designers) and consume (that’s us as shoppers) in a considered manner, extending the lifespan of a product for as long as possible in order to cut down on the total amount of waste.

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Doing so also means there’ll be lesser demand for new products, cutting down on the extraction of the raw resources required to make something new. For example, it takes more than 2,700 litres of water (equivalent to what you’d drink in two and a half years) in the entire process of making just one simple cotton T-shirt.

Fashion influencer Jamie QQ Wu’s Supriya Lele dress – worn to Paris Fashion Week – will be in the Vestiaire Collective x Oxfam charity sale.

One of the many ways we can extend the lifespan of a product is to shop second-hand (or vintage), and this is where this collaboration comes into play. Vestiaire Collective has enlisted a list of celebrities industry players and influencers like Maisie Williams, Kate Moss, Thandie Newton, Anna Dello Russo, Carey Mulligan, Chloe Sevigny, Jamie QQ Wu and more – all of whom have donated pieces from their own wardrobes. All the pieces will be made available in a special charity sale on Vestiaire from today till Sept 23, with all proceeds going towards Oxfam.

Street style star Nicole Warne’s Dolce & Gabbana top is one of the items from her wardrobe that she has donated for the sale.

“I love the idea of the clothes that I love having more lives than one. Fabrics can last a lifetime if looked after and I think besides the hugely obvious sustainability aspect for the environment – let’s also respect the people that work in this industry, no matter how pricey or reasonable a piece may have been and let’s celebrate and look after our items better,” said model Toni Garrn.

Above, some of the pieces that caught our eye.

Kate Moss' Yves Saint Laurent blazer
Chloe Sevigny's Miu Miu dress
Thandie Newton's Isabel Marant jumpsuit
Maisie Williams' A.P.C. jacket
Carey Mulligan's Prada gown
Naomie Harris' Miu Miu skirt
Michaela Coel's Burberry trenchcoat
Julia Sarr Jamois' Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti coat
Erin O'Connor's Rixo dress
Jamie QQ Wu's Supriya Lele dress