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Watch Video: The Future Of Alt Beauty Icon Uglyworldwide Is Unknown, But Bright

Three years after catching the attention of Nick Knight on Instagram with her radically offbeat style and appearance, the New York-based model has become an icon of alternative beauty that everyone from Ashish to Nike can’t get enough of. Here, the 23-year-old, who was born Jazzelle Zanaughtti, gives us a stripped back look at her evolution — and future.

Before becoming a model, she was…

“Living in Chicago working multiple restaurant jobs during the day, and hosting clubs at night — doing drag and serving looks in the Chicago nightlife scene helped shape me into the artist I am today.”

Leather singlet, Tom Ford. (On right hand, from top) Love ring with sapphire, matching ring with diamonds, and bracelet, (on left hand) Panthere de Cartier ring with lacquer, tsavorite, garnet, and onyx, and Juste un Clou hoop earrings with diamonds. All Cartier and in 18K yellow gold. All other jewellery, model’s own

The persona Uglyworldwide came about…

“First as a physical portrait. I sketched a lot as a teenager, and always used the same outline of this person that was neither female nor male. Despite creating different looks and feelings in each sketch, I realised I was always subconsciously drawing this person with the same kind of eyes, as if it had a soul. Eventually, I stopped drawing and starting using myself as a canvas, and it took me a few years before I realised that I had personified this creature I had been creating.”

Jacquard sweater, silk miniskirt, polyester belt, and metal chandelier earrings with crystals, Chloe

Society has become more receptive to alternative standards of style and beauty because…

“After having other people’s conventional standards shoved down our throats for so long, I think people are hungry for something new, different and exciting… People are getting bored of seeing, hearing and feeling the same things over and over again.”

Thom Browne silk polo dress with sequins, Dover Street Market Singapore. Love bracelets, matching hoop earrings, and rings, all Cartier and in 18K white gold

This embrace of unconventional beauty…

“May be a trend, but it’s trends that start real change. I think things will only get more fun, more weird, and more free as time goes on. I hope that the children of today will be able to grow up in a world that is more accepting of the true expression of themselves.”

For someone alternative like her, social media…

“Was how I got scouted. Before, I only used Instagram to post my art or what I’m up to, and to talk to friends — and I still do so. I never saw it as a business opportunity. It’s helped me pave my own way in fashion and beauty, and given me a platform to express myself… It’s obviously cool to be a part of it, but at the same time, if it disappeared tomorrow, I’d still be doing the same exact things I’m doing now. It’s just that, probably, less people would know about it, which honestly is okay with me. It would probably give me even more freedom to not have so many people watching and commenting on my every move.”

Leather singlet, Tom Ford. Juste un Clou hoop earrings with diamonds, Cartier and in 18K yellow gold. All other jewellery, model’s own

Her favourite models growing up were…

“Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and — once I got a little older — Sibyl Buck (best known for her bright red dreadlocks that made her synonymous with grunge), whom I thought was super cool.”

To her, a good model should…

“Bring something to a photo that is more than just one’s physical body.”

Cotton T-shirt, linen miniskirt, metal and leather earrings and leather card case with detachable strap (worn as necklace), Burberry

Asking about her fashion and beauty influences…

“Is something I can never answer properly because my style is changing so often. I’m usually inspired by different eras of time, places in the world, and the general mood I’m in on any given day. I like to think I serve such a wide range of looks, it’s impossible to pinpoint one person or thing (as an influence).”

Her wildest beauty/makeup tips for every woman

“I wouldn’t say I do anything super ‘wild’ per se, but here are a few tricks I’m often asked about: lip gloss as a highlighter, using lash glue to stick things to my face as it’s surprisingly strong, and using tape to create clean, straight lines when using eyeshadow.”

Denim midi dress, matching pants, metal necklace with crystals, matching bracelet, and plastic and lambskin slides, Chanel

Beauty is…


Career-wise, she would like to…

“Evolve as an artist by continuing to push my own boundaries, and never being afraid to try something I haven’t done before. When I evolve as an artist, my modelling side will follow suit.”

Silk top, silk pencil skirt with sequins, calfskin belt, and viscose and silk platform sandals, Miu Miu. Love 18K white gold hoop earrings, and matching bracelet with diamonds, Cartier

This year, fans of Uglyworldwide should look out for…

“A couple of fashion collaborations and the launch of my very own business. What that business is, I won’t say just yet, but I’m super excited to tell everyone when it’s ready.”

The future of fashion should…

“Understand that inclusivity is the only way forward.”

Cotton shirt dress, Tory Burch. Juste un Clou 18K yellow gold hoop earrings with diamonds, and Love 18K yellow gold bracelet, Cartier. All other jewellery, model’s own.

The future of Jazzelle…

“Is unknown, but bright.”

Photography Franco Schike, assisted by Emilio Tamez Styling Ian Bradley/The Wall Group MakeupYuui Model Uglyworldwide

This story first appeared in Female’s April 2019 issue.

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