The Vita Kin for Eres collection of dresses is meant to complement the swimsuits by the French label.

Vita Kin is the Ukrainian fashion stylist-turned-fashion designer who made folksy frocks a wardrobe staple and summer must-have for her famous friends like Anna Dello Russo and Leandra Medine ever since she launched her breakout eponymous dress line in 2015. 

She also turned vyshyvanka (say “vee-she-vang-car”), or traditional embroidery, from a foreign tongue twister into a part of our fashion vocabulary. It was our most recent understanding of Eastern bloc style before Gvasalia, Rubchinskiy and co. changed that aesthetic and discourse. 

Lately, the designer has been busy with her latest venture: a tie-up collection of dresses with the French swimwear and lingerie label Eres that launched worldwide on March 1. The line takes cues from the summer-hued colour palette of Eres swimwear line this season which comprises shades such as cerulean, navy blue, marigold and fuchsia.

While Kin’s dresses are meant to complete the out-of-the-pool wardrobe, we think it goes just as well as a smart daytime frock (with flats as seen shown by the designer herself below) or a pretty evening dress (just swap it with heels) Here, we list down what you need to know about the collection.

Vita Kin. Photo:
The dresses come in two lengths: a midi-length and one that sits above the knee.

#1: The designs are limited. Kin created just five designs for the collection, and produced only 200 pieces worldwide.

#2: There are two different dress lengths — one in a midi style and another in a shorter above-the-knee look.

#3: The collection borrows heavily from Moorish kaftans and culture, featuring traditional embroidery patterns and pom poms that are characteristic of the style of dressing of this Mediterranean people.

#4: Like most other dresses by the brand, the pieces are made from linen and embroidered the traditional way in her native Ukraine. According to The Telegraph, a typical Vita Kin frock takes over three weeks to produce, using machines that are fed with threads meant for hand-done needlework, while the sleeves, collars and cuffs are all assembled by hand.

Vita Kin takes cues from the cultural influences of the Moorish people for its Eres collaboration.

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