What’s the one shoe that everyone needs? A pair of white sneakers. And Spanish brand Wado has created the perfect pair with a cool 80’s aesthetic. Designed in Barcelona and produced in Portugal. Wado got started by securing 1.5 million euros on kickstarter in 2018. What makes Wado special? It’s down to their socially conscious attitude. Opposed to fast fashion, it intends to use sneakers as a vehicle for change. How? The company has partnered with NGO We Forest to plant two trees for each pair of sneakers purchased. So far they’ve planted 33,112 trees – 14,000 trees in India and 19,122 in Zambia. The goal is to double this number by the end of 2019.

Available in six different accent colours in a unisex style, the other attraction is it is ethically made.  Wado has partnered with You Shoes where they maintain a high standard of workplace ethics: fair wages and shifts, gender equality. Currently, 87 per cent of the world’s footwear is manufactured in Asia, or in developing countries often linked to labour exploitation. Wado’s suppliers are from the same geographical area, thus increasing their use of local materials while reducing their carbon footprint.

As a nod to their reforestation activity, there’s a detail of cork on the tongue, which will appear in all future products. While Wado still uses leather – so it is not vegan yet, they are developing a new model with vegan materials – they will be improving their basic Modelo ’89 with more recycled and organic fabrics, so keep a lookout!