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Why You'll Never Think Your Wardrobe Staples Are Boring Again

These style hacks will give those well-worn classics some life.
November 2019
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What you have: A T-shirt and a pair of jeans How to style it up: A pair of statement soles   A tee with jeans is a classic ensemble, but it also screams no effort, especially if it’s a billowy and oversized T-shirt paired with boyfriend or mom jeans. To elevate the outfit, wear a pair of statement shoes — it’ll transform the “lazy day” co-ord into effortless just like that. Whether they are leather loafers or velvet mules, bottom line is they should be a statement-maker. Better yet, knot the hem of your tee and put on a headband.
What you have: A cardigan How to style it up: Loose a button, or two   Long line knitted cardigans can keep you warm and snug on a rainy day, but let’s face it — they are hardly the most interesting garments, especially when your piece comes in a musky shade of nude. When styling them, draw inspiration from the ’90s cropped cardigan, which is fitted and short. You can do so with your oversized pieces by simply undoing the bottom two buttons and tying the ends up into a knot. Leave the first button at the top undone as well. Pair this with skinny jeans or a long fitted skirt to avoid showing too much skin.
What you have: A pantsuit How to style it up: Forget the blouse   Masculine and sharp, the right pantsuit will make you feel like a boss. But as much as we love the powerful and professional air of the apparel, we recommend losing the inner blouse and fastening up your blazer — if you’re headed out (and not to a meeting) in this outfit. This way, you’ll show some skin which balances out the fabric. Accentuate with a dainty necklace.
What you have: Leggings How to style it up: Put on some heels   Leggings should never, ever, be worn as pants (meaning, with a crop top of one that just meets its waist line). They are, however, suitable if you’re wearing an opaque pair with an oversized top. Avoid a tee or sneakers here if you’re not going for the athleisure look. Instead, a lustrous blouse (as seen above) will kick the outfit up a couple notches instantly.
What you have: Cotton camisole top How to style it up: Wear it with bottoms of a contrasting, textural fabric   We get it — cotton camisoles are your best friend when it comes to the sweltering Singapore heat. But because they are so functional, they are usually pretty basic and lacklustre when it comes to the fashion department. To switch it up, pair them with bottoms in contrasting, textural fabrics. Think: leather shorts, velvet wide-leg pants and silk-satin pleated skirts. These swanky pieces will add instant gravitas to your ensemble.