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Why Not? Threw Their First Party Of The Year - Here's What Went Down

Buzzy Singapore fashion collective Why Not? got our attention when they debuted last year with a DIY fashion show - now have a peek at their parties.

Singapore fashion and art collective Why Not? brought a much-needed dose of energy to the local fashion scene when they debuted last June with a grassroots-style fashion presentation at the Substation.

Fast forward eight months and the buzzy collective has been busy prepping for their sophomore show, which is slated to take place around mid-year with an expanded slate of creatives and designers. They’re doing things a tad differently this time round however – organising a series of parties that also double up as fundraisers for their upcoming show, the first of which was held last Saturday at the industrial multi-use space Somewhere. Here, we got Why Not? creative director Izwan Abdullah to share his snaps of the night: