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10 Stylish Desk Accessories For The Fashion Girl

Make your desk a place of beauty, and maybe you’ll want to spend more time at it.

Let’s face it. You probably spend so much time at your office desk that you call it your second home. But surrounded by bland colours, claustrophobia-inducing walls and a pile of never-ending work, it’s not surprising if you find yourself feeling unmotivated and unproductive.

Your surroundings can actually take a toll on your mental well-being. Since you’re bound to spend most of your day in one spot, you might get creative, decorating it with accents that keep you happy and inspired, which in turn leads to a more effective and productive you. Here are 12 stylish desk accessories that will make you want to come to work.

Paul & Joe A5 Notebook (Blossom Pink), $25.90 at Monoyono
If you like to jot down notes, daily thoughts and must-do tasks, do it in style, in this adorable floral notebook. Vitajuwel Decanter, from $278
Touted to infuse your water with healing properties thanks to the help of gemstones like amethyst, quartz, agate and more, these glass decanters with gemstone vials from Vitajuwel will sit pretty in your cubicle. Jumbo Mouse Pad, $39.99 at Typo
From ocean waves to floral motifs, these A2-sized jumbo mouse pads introduce a bit of zen to your work space. Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard, $279 at Megaxstore
This typewriter-inspired keyboard will have you tapping away in perfect contentment, and can connect to 3 devices, including your smartphone, at one go. It’s on pre-order, though, so be prepared to wait some 3 weeks before you receive it. Elodie Unicorn Diffuser, $66.50, Smoko
How cute is this unicorn diffuser? Elodie works as a humidifier, great for adding moisture into the air for a good 6 to 8 hours. It’s also an essential oil diffuser. Lucky Cat Pen Pot, $35 at Naiise
Meow! This lucky cat pen pot will just help you stay a little more organised, and keep your desk looking a lot cuter. 3-Tier Bamboo Shelf, $33.90 at Lazada
Add a bit of greenery to your work space. But also get this clean, elegant 3-tier bamboo shelf, which will keep them from being buried under your work pile. Lou Lou Notepad, $9, The Paper Bunny
Stay organised with this to-do-list notepad. It comes with 80 tear-out sheets. Stackable Rattan Basket, $33 and up from Muji
Is the area under your desk getting to be a bit of a mess as you stash all sorts of odds and ends there? Muji makes pretty rattan baskets in various sizes, so you won’t have to hide your extra shoes, files and knick knacks in shame any longer. Saddle Ring Desk Collection, $160 to $200, Anthropologie
Want to splash out for accessories that have a touch more timeless elegance? Get a full set of drool-worthy organisers from Anthropologie.