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The Food Trends That Will Change The Way We Eat In 2018

From the avocado craze to countless new brunch menus, 2017 has given us a ton of food trends. As we usher in the new year, forward-thinking chefs share with us what they feel you should be eating (both sweet and savoury) in 2018. 

Chef Chris Millar of Stellar at 1-Altitude

food trends


On food trends

CM: “Local-inspired foods will continue to be a running theme next year. There is a huge interest in localised and sustainable produce amongst younger growers. The best ingredients used to be imported from Europe, Japan, and Australia, but now with more local growers and producers bringing a fresh attitude to the local markets, things will definitely change.”

On dessert trends

CM: “In line with the ongoing local theme in food trends, there will be a stronger Asian influence in classic European desserts.”

On cool, new ingredients to use

CM: “More local produce and Asian ingredients being used to create dishes. And also the use of plant-based proteins such as cauliflower, avocado and mushrooms.”