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4 Films To Watch At The New Film Festival Dedicated To Food

From the creators of A Design Film Festival come the first edition of, a new film festival dedicated exclusively to food. Held at the Objectifs Centre for Photography from April 29 to May 14, it will screen a curated selection of eight films, ranging from heart-felt cinematic journeys to laugh-out-loud comedies. What they all have in common: a celebration of the spirit of making things.

Also at the event space are two exhibitions dedicated to food’s creative process. Off-site, there’ll be two special satellite screenings accompanied by a film-inspired menu – details are yet to be released. Tickets are now available online at $15 each for screenings at Objectifs, $25 for special presentation and $65 for satellite screenings. We pick the four films you can’t miss.

#1: Cooking Up A Tribute
The film chronicles the journey of El Celler de Can Roca – one of the best restaurants in the world – as they shut shop for five weeks and embark on a food adventure from Texas to Mexico to Colombia and Peru. Using local traditions and ingredients, the three Roca brothers offer their own interpretations of the classics by designing 57 new dishes. A recent review in stated: “While this documentary presents a fascinating insight into methodical, time-tested traditions of preparing ingredients from around the globe (which are intriguing in their own right), its strength is in the earnest focus it has on showing how important food is to cultural heritage.” Watch the trailer here. #2: In Search of Israeli Cuisine
A celebration of both human stories and one of the richest food scenes in the world, the film pays tribute to Israeli food by profiling chefs, home cooks, wine merchants and cheese-makers from the 100 different cultures that make up Israel today. Directed by American documentarian Roger Sherman, he says in an interview:  “The reason I’m doing the film is because I found a food culture that no one in the world knows about. This is the best-kept secret.” Watch the trailer here. #3: The Birth of Sake
Centered around the Yoshida Brewery, a 144-year-old family-owned small Sake brewery in northern Japan, this cinematic documentary tells the story of the artisanal craft of sake and the arduous working conditions required to preserve its 2,000-year-old tradition. New York Times reviewer Daniel M. Gold wrote: “The Birth of Sake is an engrossing introduction to the traditional cultivation of the rice-based alcohol that is part of Japan’s cultural heritage. But the film’s true focus is an endangered way of life.” Watch the trailer here. #4: Barista
Shedding light on a group of passionate and quirky characters that devote their lives to coffee, the humorous film charts the trials and tribulations of five top baristas competing at the National Barista Championship. Variety magazine’s Andrew Barker wrote: “Thanks to director Rock Baijnauth’s playful, nonjudgmental approach to these obsessive characters, the whole enterprise comes across as endearingly – and perhaps even admirably – ridiculous, rather than laughably so.” Watch the trailer here. Like this? Check out these London restaurants with the most beautiful interiors.