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6 Airbnbs That Are Actually Art Galleries & Homes

Art appreciation may seem too lofty a subject at times, but it’s not difficult to do in these stylish Airbnbs that are existing art galleries or homes that celebrate artistic expression. Whether you’re an art aficionado or a novice at differentiating a Monet from a Picasso, these six listings introduce you to art in awe-inspiring and yet relatable ways. By Isabel Ong.


#1: A kooky art gallery in Tokyo, Japan
It’s not just the quirky murals on the walls we dig: It’s also the fact that the artwork displayed here can be purchased, with the proceeds going directly to budding Japanese artists and an art fund created by the hosts. On permanent display: Jon Jon Green’s floor-to-ceiling wall art and Hideyuki Katsumata’s manga-meets-street-art characters.  #1: A kooky art gallery in Tokyo, Japan
Half of the 377 sq ft-wide room, which can accommodate up to four people, is dedicated to the gallery, while the other half is the sleeping quarters. And it’s not too far off from the main shopping districts, either: by train, it’s only three stops away to Shinjuku. $127/night, book here #2: A house covered in reflective mirrors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Those heading off on a road trip through the US should make it a point to stop by this well-camouflaged house in a quiet suburb. Entirely covered in mirrors, the house is full of original artworks and the wackiest furnishings (think shiny chandeliers and a bathroom covered in the same black-and-white print from floor to ceiling). #2: A house covered in reflective mirrors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
The guest bedroom has a private entrance, a 42-inch Plasma TV to a sunken indoor tub, and you have free access to the living room, home theatre, garden and more. Plus, it’s only a 25-minute drive away to the Andy Warhol museum. $245/night, book here  #3: An art installation space in Brooklyn, New York
One reviewer says there is “literally art on every surface” – and that’s what Glasshouse aims to do in its Airbnb listing in the artistic enclave of Williamsburg, which offers you the chance to live as part of an art installation, if only for one night. #3: An art installation space in Brooklyn, New York
Pro tip: Talk to the hosts Lital and Eyal on what to do and see in New York, and ask for a tour of the space – you won’t be disappointed. $147/night, book here #4: A Van Gogh room in Arles, Provence
Fans of the Dutch post-Impressionist painter’s works should make a stop here. And even if you’re not, it’ll be quite a trip imagining you were in his very painting – the room is modelled after van Gogh’s 1988 work “Bedroom In Arles” and comes with an antique bed, washed-out blue walls and wooden chairs. #4: A Van Gogh-themed room in Arles, Provence
Besides that, you even get to play dress-up (props like a pipe and hat are available). The only catch: You need to stay for a minimum of five nights, and the room is only comfortable enough for one. $66/night, book here #5: A former art gallery in Barcelona, Spain
Situated in an old factory, the spacious loft can house up to six guests and boasts an eclectic yet urban interior that would be any art collector’s dream, from the bold canvas paintings to the antique cupboards and colourful rugs. #5: A former art gallery in Barcelona, Spain
Unlike the other Airbnbs, the artwork here isn’t meant to be sold, and like in traditional gallery shows, you can only see, not touch. A good alternative: The Modern Art Museum, which is only a block away. $470/night, book here #6: A restored apartment in Florence, Italy
Also formerly home to an art gallery and a leather showroom, this apartment was restored in September 2014 and is located in Florence’s beautiful Piazza della Signoria. And if you’ve toured many a European palace, you’ll dig living like a king and queen here. #6: A restored apartment in Florence, Italy
The decor is a marriage of old and new, from the living room’s 19th century-inspired fittings to the bedrooms’ more chic and modern interiors. The one thing all reviewers love: The apartment’s high ceilings and how spacious it is. $340/night, book here   Like this? Check out our top 5 Airbnbs to stay at in Bangkok.