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Which Of These Adorable Dogs Is Your Chinese New Year Persona? (+Downloadable GIFS)

To welcome the year of the dog this Chinese New Year, we’ve got five adorable dogs to highlight five different personality stereotypes. Bonus: the GIFS are totally downloadable – just right click (on desktop) or hold on the image for a few seconds (on mobile) to save and share them on social media and text messages! 


  1. 1. The Fitspo
  2. When you exercise way too much to counter the incoming extensive feasting, you end up exercising even in your sleep.

2. The It Girl
The It Girl ensures sartorial security – clothes, hair and makeup choices all decided months before to guarantee Instagram likes.

3. The Lone Wolf
Awkward/dramatic get-togethers with relatives you barely meet are so overwhelming that you just want to escape overseas for a short holiday.

4. The Overachiever
You’re a perfectionist that just wants to create the ‘perfect’ experience to welcome the new year and already have a long list of things-to-do from housing renovations to custom-made outfits for CNY.  

5. The One Who Doesn’t Really Care
If none of these are applicable to you, perhaps you’re just among those who are not quite feeling this festive season and are just looking forward to that extra day off.

These adorable dogs are from our team members: photographers Vee Chin (@munkster) and Zaphs Zhang (@zfs.z),  Group Account Manager Rachel Chin (@rachelchinnychinchin) and Associate Digital Editor Moh Shuying (@mshuying).