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9 Of The Prettiest Bottles Of Alcohol To Gift To Your Next Party Host

What are home parties without alcohol gifts? Present these beautiful bottles of alcohol at your friend’s home party that are guaranteed to be conversation-starters.
Oban Game Of Thrones The Night’s Watch Bay Reserve, S$105, available on
This limited edition single malt scotch whisky bottle was created in celebration of the eighth and final season of the critically-acclaimed TV series, Game of Thrones. DIAGEO, the owner of Oban distillery, and TV network HBO collaborated to release a limited-edition collection of single malt scotch whiskies inspired by the show. With its sleek and glossy black body, the bottle design is hugely reminiscent of the darkness of The Night’s Watch. These iconic bottles serve as must-have collectibles for Game of Thrones and are a great way for fans to toast to the final season. Your party host would be over the moon to receive this as a gift, especially if he or she is a fan of the TV show. Nikka G&G Samurai Edition, S$488, available on
If you love all things Japan, you might like this whisky bottle dressed as a Samurai. This special edition blended whisky created by Japanese producer Nikka comes with its own metallic Samurai helmet and armour, which are placed on top of the bottle and can be removed. An interesting piece that leaves quite the impression. Chivas Mizunara, S$100, Available on,
The Chivas Mizunara is a beauty to behold. The elegantly shaped transparent glass bottle showcases the rich colour of the whisky it holds, matched with teal packaging with Master Distiller Colin Scott’s signature below. The packaging will stand out on the shelf as much as the whisky does on the palate. The host you gift this to will be admiring the beautiful Instagram-worthy design of the bottle for hours to come. Chivas Regal Royal Salute Diamond Tribute, S$380, available on
Royal Salute — a brand of Scotch whisky produced by Chivas Brothers — is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a new blend, the Royal Salute The Diamond Tribute. Crafted from an exclusive collection of whiskies, the blend has notes of ripe peaches, cherry and liquorice and has an intense dark amber colour. It’s presented in a gorgeous deep midnight blue flagon with a diamond-inspired centrepiece stopper. Blanton’s Original Single Barrel, S$99, available on
Blanton’s Original is an award-winning brand with a long-standing history in producing high-quality bourbon whisky — and this is represented in its bottle design. Its bottle stands out for its bold unique shape and finish that is topped with an eye-catching stopper of a man on a horse. Bonus: the rounded design perfectly fits in the palm of your hand.   Dalmore 18 Year, S$247, available on
The Dalmore is a quintessential Highland Scotch whisky, with a long and storied pedigree ranking it among Scotland’s most renowned single malts. It is known for its quality whisky and exclusive bottle designs. All of its bottles have the iconic 12-pointed Royal Stag emblem, giving it a regal look that promises rich history and tradition.   Hibiki Japanese Harmony Master’s Select Special Edition, S$475, available on
This elegant limited edition bottle and packaging design celebrates ‘the artistry of Japanese culture’. The delicate design features the Sakura flower, or cherry blossom; a Goshoguruma, or royal carriage; and Ryusuimon, or streaming water. During Japan’s Edo period (1608-1868) these were seen as symbols of good fortune and prosperity and are often presented as special gifts for the Shogun. Chivas Royal Salute 38 Year Old – Stone of Destiny, S$1,258.69, available on
With a black diamond sitting on a crown as a stopper, this bottle of whisky looks fit for royalty. What’s more, this blend is named after the Stone of Destiny — a block of red sandstone used in the coronations of the monarchs of Scotland and later the monarchs of the United Kingdom. Each bottle of Royal Salute has a unique symbol featuring the silhouette of The Tower of London with smoking cannons. This is the mark of the brand’s official association with the Royal Gun Salutes at The Tower — a privilege that has only been granted to Chivas alone. A scroll is included in the box to add to its prestige. Whiskey lovers will like the heady hints of pipe tobacco, dark chocolate, apple peel and allspice. Tanglin Gin’s Orchid Gin and and Mandarin Chili Gin, S$108, available at its shop, at DFS stores in all terminals at Singapore Changi Airport and selected drinks retailers
Homegrown brand Tanglin Gin has given its Orchid Gin and Mandarin Chili Gin variants a refreshed and more youthful look. While its transparent bottle still keeps its original shape, it now sports a cool illustration by local creative collective Tell Your Children, featuring signature Singaporean dishes and ingredients, quintessential Singapore life and its unique sights that highlight the country’s rich cultural history. Not only can you #supportlocal with this buy, you are also guaranteed quality gin — The Orchid Gin has earned a Silver medal at the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC) and the Singapore World Spirits Competition (SWSC). Bottoms up.