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Apps That'll Up Your Instagram Game To Street Style Star Status

Want to improve your Instagram game? We’ve got the lowdown on the best editing apps to make your feed way more interesting.

Anyone can take a photo but it takes media savvy and branding acumen to elevate your personal Instagram into your personal brand. If you’re looking to up your Instagram game and become the next TyLynn Nguyen/Julie Pelipas via a tightly curated and aesthetically pleasing feed, here are some apps to help you achieve your goal.

From video editing tools that make creating content a breeze, to apps created specifically for Instagram stories, we’ve compiled a list that extend beyond your usual VSCO and film camera apps.


1. For Stories: Unfold
Used by influencers and street style stars everywhere including Julie Sarinana and Zoe Sugg — Unfold is the ultimate Instagram app that’s bound to make your stories pop. The app has a bunch of unique design-focused templates that allow you to create a curated presentation of stories. Fans of the app absolutely love the minimalist look it gives and the countless template options. Besides the free templates, you can also purchase premium templates to differentiate your Instagram game story from everyone else’s. Unfold occasionally releases themed templates for a limited time in line with the festive season or for a big event such as the Billboard Music Awards. Get the latest scoop on the app by following it (where else…) on Instagram here. Image: Instagram (@unfold) Unfold is available for download on iOS and Android devices.   2. For Stories: Over
Similar to Unfold, Over is an Instagram layout app. However, it’s a little more colourful and essentially gives you the tools you need to become your very own graphic designer. That said, the app was created with the main goal of empowering small business owners to help them showcase their products on Instagram. This means that the app is full of graphic collaterals to suit plenty of different themes and requirements. Much like Unfold, Over too has premium templates and themed templates that are released in accordance to special occasions and festive seasons. See what you can do with Over by following its hashtag on Instagram #overapp. Image: Instagram (@over) Over is available for download on iOS and Android devices.   3. For Stories: Adobe Spark Post
Content creators love Adobe Spark Post because of how easy it is to create beautiful looking “posters” that highlight content easily for Instagram stories. You can even flex your creative muscles by making adorable-looking animated videos to fit your feed on the app. What’s more, Spark Post is free and easy to navigate so it’s perfect if you’re rushing or on the go! Image: Instagram (@adobespark) Adobe Spark Post is available for download on iOS and Android devices 4. For Videos: InShot
Perhaps one of the best video editing tools around, InShot has everything you need to become a video editor on the go. The app comes with animated video effects, filters and even music so you can literally edit anything you want without much fuss. The app is also incredibly easy to use but if you ever need a helping hand, there are plenty of videos online because the app is pretty popular. You can also visit the app’s official Instagram page to see what you can do with it. InShot is available for download on iOS and Android devices. 6. For Photos: Snapseed
Before VSCO burst onto the photo editing scene, there was Snapseed that was developed by Google. Created with professional photographers in mind, the app boasts advanced tools for those who wanted more than just a filter over their photos. Unlike most photo editing apps, Snapseed lets you zoom in on a particular aspect of a photo and edit that small area only, so if you’re the sort that loves attention to detail, the app is perfect for you. Image: Instagram (@googlesnapseed) Snapseed is available for download on iOS and Android devices.   7. For Photos: Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express (aka PS Express) essentially packs in all you love about Photoshop (think Healing brush and colour correction) into one easy to use app. Besides basic editing tools such as cropping and straightening, PS Express also lets you remove red-eye, edit blemishes and add filters onto your photos. You can also create collages and borders so each photo has a distinctive personality. Adobe Photoshop Express is available for download on iOS and Android devices. 8. For Photos: Afterlight 2
Love the effects that VSCO filters give but don’t quite want to follow the crowd? Consider using Afterlight 2. Similar to VSCO, the app lets you create your own filter presets but also comes with an array of stunning filters. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, visit Afterlight’s Instagram account to see photos taken by community members of the app. While it’s not as popular as VSCO, this app is actually pretty good. It’s great that it’s flying under the radar — your photos will stand out among the crowd. Afterlight is available for download on iOS devices only. 10. For Creative Layouts: SCRL
SCRL works best with Instagram’s gallery feature. The app essentially helps you tell a compelling story using photographs and captions that you can’t really do with Instagram stories. The app also comes with various themes and borders so your photos always look unique and eye-catching! See examples of what you can do with SCRL on their Instagram page here. Image: Instagram (@scrlgallery) SCRL is available for download on iOS devices only.