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12 Christmas Movies To Ditch Social Commitments For This Weekend

It's never too early to get yourself in the mood for Christmas, and these films will do the trick just fine.

We have no snow, and certainly no mistletoe but what we do have, is plenty of connections — the internet kind. Arm yourself with these titles and get your stockings filled with holidays feels, no matter if you’ve been bad or good.

#1: Holiday Inn (1942)

There’s nothing like a classic oldie to kick off the holidays. In this case, renowned Irving Berlin scores a film with a repeated love triangle situation between leading men Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. Can you even imagine the combination? Music by Berlin, singing by Crosby, and the nifty footwork of Astaire? It’s a legendary pairing that starts with strife, but ends with a good old-fashioned happy ending. This film gave rise to White Christmas and watching this will give the song an added dimension.

2. The Polar Express (2004)

Robert Zemeckis is a director known both for his expert use of special effects as well as working on stories that tug on the heartstrings. The Polar Express has both in spades. With a touch of the bittersweet, the film is a lush live action motion capture tale of a boy who rediscovered the magical ingredient of Christmas with a fantastic train ride to the North Pole. Boy, brakes, bell, and belief — these words will make more sense by the end of this holiday fable.

3. Love Actually (2003)

No one mentions holiday movies without citing this Christmas-themed romantic comedy. Set during the holidays, this series of love encounters between a dozen couples makes us realise the value of the human connection. Heightened by the familiar celebration scenes as Christmas approaches, this title even spans a wedding and a funeral, with different setups that eventually unravel the many faces of love. Perfect for couples or friends who just want to pick their favourite character, this is an evergreen film that satisfies everyone.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

What happens when Halloween wants to become Christmas? Tim Burton’s ingenious work is now a classic, as we follow the ruler of the frightful holiday, Jack Skellington, while he tries to take over Santa’s job. It becomes a nightmare naturally, but in the most charming way. This iconic stop-motion piece goes untoward with its horrific treatment, but somehow strangely makes us feel more for Christmas. And when the ending comes, there’s plenty of friendship, forgiveness, gatherings, and even love to warm everyone’s hearts.

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