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5 Apps And Devices To Shape Up And Shed The Holiday Weight

Kickstart 2019 with these fitness devices & apps.

Tis’ the season…to fall into the slippery slope of overindulgence. What’s three glasses of egg nog, an extra serving of mac and cheese, and who’s counting how many chocolate pieces you’ve popped? The good news is, it is the end of the year, and you should celebrate. The even better news is that there are now heaps of devices and apps that will help you get back to your fighting form in no time.

Device: Apple Watch Series 4
Nobody who’s taken the plunge and gotten themselves an Apple Watch has regretted it, especially so when it’s their latest series 4. Not only is it like having Barry’s Bootcamp on your wrist — motivating you to kick the butt of last week’s you by closing your rings — the Watch has been designed to help you improve your health everyday. It gets smarter the more you wear it, understanding your heart rate and workout patterns. You won’t mess about with the dials before a workout because it has automatic workout detection, and even advanced features for runners like cadence and pace alerts. Bonus: start the new year with some healthy competition. Invite someone to a 7-day Activity challenge and close your rings every day to win a badge of honour (and bragging rights). Simply share your activity with any Apple Watch user running watchOS and invite them to the challenge. Image: Apple App: Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club is one of the best options for strength training, and to kickstart your saving money resolution right, it’s free. Unlike other “free” apps, we love that there’s no pressure to upgrade to a paid or premium version. Here’s a range of possible activities, with some targeted towards beginners and others designed for people who already work out more regularly, and training plans differ depending on how often you want to work out, whether you want to include running, and such. Image: Nike   App: 10% Happier: Meditation
Being healthy is more than just eating right and working out. Your headspace needs to be in a good place too and 10% Happier: Meditation will help you do just that. The app offers a clear and simple approach to meditation with a NY Times bestselling author and some of the most respected meditation teachers on the planet. Designed for skeptics, built to help you keep it going. Get zen AF. Image: iTunes App: Smoke Free
Time to quit the cancer sticks and actually stick to the smoke-free habit. This nifty app dishes out over 20 different evidence-based techniques to help you become — and stay — smoke free. You can even see how much money you’ve saved, how many cigarettes you’ve not smoked, and how long you’ve been smoke free. Pretty neat. Image: Smoke-free app Device: Bellabeat Wellness Tracker
If you’re looking for wearable tech to track your fitness but you can’t cheat on the TAG Heuer you’ve had on your wrist since forever, Bellabeat’s wearable devices that actually look like jewellery may just be for you. The necklace helps you track your activity, your sleep and even helps you engage in mindfulness and meditation. Image: Bellabeat