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You've Got To Try These Unusual And Hipster Burgers In Singapore At Least Once

Craving a juicy burger that’s not from a fast food chain? From chocolate burgers to hearty delights and healthier options, here are six different tasty sandwiches you should chow down on.

From the bun to the patty and the extras like lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sauce (the sauce!), a burger is a delicious sensory overload built to tick many boxes at once. First up, the overall taste. Second, how its individual ingredients balance each other. If it’s Instagrammable and #foodporn-worthy, then even better.

The burger boom that’s happening right now means that there is a whole gamut of cool burgers that are totally unique. From those made of chocolate to vegan options, here are six of the best burgers that’ll get your salivary glands — and Instagram feeds — going.

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