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Billie Eilish On Her Fashion, Music, Instagram And More

Amongst the many revered artists that played at Laneway Singapore last weekend, this 16-year old dancer turned pop singer definitely stole the show.

billie eilish

Yes, we are talking about Billie Eilish. Her ethereal indie electro-pop sound has definitely caught on, what with her many Grammy nominations and outstanding monthly streams on Spotify.  But apart from her eclectic sound, there’s so much more to know about this LA teen. We got up close with the daring singer where she shared the story behind her notable Instagram handle, her love for fashion and more.

On having her own fashion label

BE: “Honestly, I want it to be as soon as possible. I really like to be judged so I think I would make clothes that make people judge me a little bit. Not necessarily in a good or bad way, I just like to be looked at. I always wanted to wear whatever I wanted to wear. No one has ever told me otherwise even when I was a kid. Clothing is my safety net, it’s like my security guard.”

Her skincare tips

BE: “Don’t touch your face! I always make it a habit not to. I also don’t eat dairy and gluten because it really made my skin flare up so I don’t eat them anymore and it has really helped. I also wash my face every night and apply a moisturiser or else my skin will flake off into a million pieces. Essentially, I always make sure to drink a lot of water, sleep and not touch my face.”

An artist she’d love to collaborate with

BE: “Tyler, The Creator, for sure. He has influenced me so much. Everything he does, everything he says, everything he wears is just spot on for me and he’s just such a genius. He’s insane.”

The story behind her Instagram handle (@wherearetheavocados)

BE: “I was 11 and home alone. I made a grilled cheese (sandwich) and I remember thinking to myself “I want some avocados” and I looked through the whole kitchen, the whole house and everywhere I could possibly look and I screamed, “where are the avocados!” I never found them but I remember standing with the fridge open and thinking to myself “that would be so funny if it was my username” so I did it as a joke but then I just kept it.”